December 8, 2022

So you have a great Joomla powered website with content. And get visitors If you haven’t added a Facebook integration, you’re missing an important social technology to interact with your customers. By adding these features, such as Facebook comments, you let your users know that you value their feedback and want their feedback. Especially because those comments and engagement are growing. More users will get an idea of ​​how your site works. A type of user that is already active on your site. And this will continue to strengthen the trend of acquiring new customers.

Some will have the idea of ​​adding buy fb comments integration to their website. However, one of the main advantages of using a CMS like Joomla is the power, simplicity and flexibility of extensions. Using available plugins, you can leave comments on Facebook and work on your Joomla articles in minutes. In addition, you have the option to customize the appearance of the comments widget. Customize it to match the look of your site. Quickly change the font and background color. The number of comments to display and even whether the comment will be posted directly to the user’s wall.

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This last feature comes back on the user’s wall, this is an interesting way to attract new visitors. Every time you comment on your site, you’re not just creating new content. You will also attract the attention of the entire social network of posters to your site. Features like these really make your site social. And it is important to attract new visitors. on your site

Apart from comments, there are other features and benefits as well. To add more Facebook capabilities to your website:

Single sign-on allows users to register and login with 1 click, ideal for accessing your website without lengthy registration forms.

The Like button allows users to vote on the Joomla articles that are most relevant.

The Suggestions widget uses the user’s Facebook settings along with other visitors’ “likes” to make recommendations for articles the user likes the most. Click here how much do social media marketers make.

A Fanbox widget that shows how many people like the website in general. which helps to build a common trust.

An activity feed allows your users to see the latest activity from your Facebook fan page.

While Facebook comments alone are what many admins want or need for Joomla based websites, all these features can be combined to add a powerful social component to their website.

All the talk on the internet today and last year. About the social aspect of the website How do you make your website more social? Just pressing the Like button after posting is not enough. The share button is also much more powerful. You may have noticed your Google Places page. Sharing will get your listing results in no time, but it’s not just a sharing box. Or add thousands of people to your site.

Really, it’s all about customer retention. It focuses on retaining your customers by providing content that will keep them coming back because of their choice. This is not a slick marketing strategy where people like you get free videos by reporting it. If someone really likes something, they will tell people.

The internet is being rebuilt using social media. So it is a new opportunity where everyone has an equal start. Find out why people come to your site. Then decide why and how these people can be targeted.

While many companies have many friends on Facebook. Are they really friends?

The friends and future friends you target in your job or business are yours alone. They only give you their experience. Leads to people who want to come back again. This gives you the opportunity to increase all the conversions you receive.

It is a process of constant reproduction. Really a virus that we can learn from Facebook and use some plugins or applications.

Facebook comments are essential to your website. If a visitor visits your website and keeps logging into Facebook, that’s normal. Leave a comment on your site. Comments appear on their wall for their friends to see and if their friends leave a comment. The conversation appears on your website. But there’s a lot more to this app. The order of comments has been changed. It offers a high degree of privacy for those watching. Each user sees who they know and their friends’ opinions, and finally, Google treats new content as if it were your own.

Using the like button with the facepile plugin can increase your conversion rate

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