December 8, 2022

Following Rockstar’s GTA 6 leaks, fellow Take-Two brand faces a security threat. 2K Games took to Twitter to issue a warning message: One of the company’s customer support offices has been hacked and malicious links have been sent to certain players.

“Please do not open any emails or click on any links you receive from your 2K Games support account.” 2k said. If you’ve already clicked on a suspicious link, 2K recommends resetting passwords stored in web browsers, enabling multi-factor authentication, running antivirus software, and checking account settings to see if any new redirect rules have been added.

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2K also stated that it will never ask for your password or your personal information. The support portal will remain offline until the security issue is resolved, and 2K will notify players when it becomes available for use again.

It is not known at this time who or what organization is behind the 2K security breach. Rockstar notably suffered a security breach recently as well, but not on the client side. Hackers group, alleged $ Lapsus – from Uber Claims are also responsible for their security breach– GTA 6 development screenshots released.

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