November 28, 2022

Gen Z’s favorite social app, BeReal, has had a long hiatus today, which the company has admitted to only briefly – and somewhat vaguely – tweetstating: “Yes, we are.” In recent months, the Paris-based app maker has seen its photo-sharing service climb to the top of the App Store, knocking competitors like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok from the top spot at times. But the company has also developed a reputation for not being very communicative — a pattern that extends to its users, it seems.

So far, the startup has not officially given an official interview with the press, although it is willing to meet with some in order to give informal briefings. (or apparently, in the background if you financial times.)

However, this reluctance to communicate goes beyond the media. Today, when BeReal faced a lengthy outage – spanning several hours and frustrating its users who could no longer upload photos – the company didn’t have much to say.

Meanwhile, loyal users broke into Twitter account replies demanding more information while others posted the hashtag #BeRealDown with their complaints. Many just wanted to know if the issues they are experiencing with the app are also affecting others. They have no information.

After reaching the comment, BeReal declined to answer a number of questions about its outage, including things like why it was, how widespread it was, and whether the company had a sense of when it might resolve.

It is understood that her team may have been struggling to address technical issues before responding to these inquiries. But when the outage resolved after hours, it was only mentioned to us This Tweet that says, “It’s all good now.”

This lack of transparency from a company that simultaneously pushes its user base of millions to “get real” with each other is starting to fade.

At this point, we have to wonder how a company like this would respond if there was a more serious issue affecting its platform. What if BeReal suffers a data breach or breach? What if the bad actors got involved with the platform in some way – would BeReal have something to say next?

The company can’t keep pretending to be a small, independent app maker. it’s a Raised $30 Million Series ALed by Andreessen Horowitz and Axel, followed by A Series B from DST Globalstartup evaluation, and upfront money 600 + Million Dollars, the reports said. The app contains See nearly 46 million installs, according to data from Sensor Tower. The app is still No. 3 today in the non-games charts in the US iPhone App Store – it only temporarily lost its lead for gadget creation apps after the launch of iOS 16. It soon plans to monetize with subscriptions.

While avoiding the press may be a strategy BeReal is using at the moment, not communicating with its users seems like a mistake. BeReal has been on the rise, but she can’t count on its continued success so far.

After all, young people are nothing if not fickle when it comes to trying and letting go of new social experiences. And TikTok completely cloned the BeReal format, as did Instagram and Snapchat to some extent. If BeReal wants to be seen as a company and not just a feature to be copied, it’s time for it to act like one.

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