December 8, 2022

Beyond dead on Tuesday He said It suspended chief operating officer Doug Ramsey, three days after the CEO punched another man’s nose outside a football match.

In a short statement, California-based El Segundo said Ramsey was “suspended, effective immediately.” It added that operations will be overseen on a temporary basis by Jonathan Nelson, who is the senior vice president of manufacturing operations. Beyond Meat is known for its veggie burgers and other products that mimic the taste of meat.

It was Ramsey Charged with a felony battery He poses a terrorist threat after an incident in which he was accused of biting a man’s nose, Arkansas officials said. The scuffles occurred outside of Saturday’s football game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Missouri State Bears in Fayetteville, Arkansas, according to a police report obtained by CBS News.

Ramsey was trying to leave the game in his Bronco when another driver tried to get a little ahead and called Ramsey’s car, according to the report. Ramsey allegedly got out of his car and punched the driver of the other car.

“Mr. Ramsey bit the owner’s nose, tore the flesh on the tip of his nose,” the officer wrote in the report.

The report said Ramsey was also heard threatening the driver’s life.

Ramsey joined Beyond Meat as Chief Operating Officer in December after spending 30 years at Tyson Foods, where he was head of retail poultry operations. Ramsay joined Tyson in 1992 and held several roles there, according to his bio on Beyond Meat. Graduated from Southern Arkansas University.

“I am proud to join her mission to produce delicious products that are healthier for our customers and more sustainable for our planet,” He said his appointment time.

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