December 8, 2022

Bungie is canceling the requirement to complete a difficult and time-consuming quest for this week’s Loot Season story quest in Destiny 2. The quest objective to “Defeat 50 Heroes” will be completed automatically for players, allowing them to move the mission forward a lot more easily.

Bungie announced on Twitter, noting that the 50 Champion goal was too difficult for some players. Judging by players’ feedback, this has certainly been the case, with heroes often appearing in high-level content and in relatively low numbers. Even the legendary difficulty Lost Sectors or Nightfall includes only a few heroes, forcing players to perform a large number of runs to complete the requirement. Heroes are also more difficult to kill than normal enemies and generally require special seasonal weapon modifications to defeat, which adds a skill barrier to the requirements.

This is a rather big move, not only because the goal was frustrating for many players, especially among the unofficial fans of Destiny 2. This week’s story search revealed a major discovery of the plot of Season of Plunder, providing new information about the main characters of the season, Mithrax and Eido, pushing the game’s overall plot toward its next expansion, Lightfall, in February.

It’s as if Bungie created the 50’s Champion clause with high-level seasonal content in mind. Players soon discover that heroes killed in the Seasonal Expedition activity count for three kills for the quest, instead of just one. The problem is that heroes are few and far between on Expeditions – you might see three heroes on a good path, and few or none on a bad run.

The best way to complete the requirements was in the main difficulty version of the seasonal Ketchcrash activity, which is full of Champion enemies and counts each defeated hero as an eight in the requirement. The 50 Champion condition could have been cleared in a single Master Ketchcrash activity, but more casual players suffered because Master Ketchcrash could be very harsh. It carries a very high power level of 1600 and does not offer the possibility of team matchmaking, which means that players need to find their own group of five other players in order to participate in it.

With the requirement removed, players can more easily progress through the current story of Destiny 2. The pirate-themed loot season has been much lighter than the scary and rowdy season of Haunted, but as this week shows, it still carries some heavy themes and high stakes.

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