December 8, 2022

Diablo Immortal Patch 1.6’s first major update has a release date: September 28. This is when the controversial RPG will see the addition of many new features and system changes, including a new home for your war.

As suggested by recent Diablo Immortal leaks, Diablo Immortal’s first major update includes a new Helliquary boss, the fifth in the game. Blizzard says the new boss, named Izilech the Misshapen, is “a vicious new fighter ready to take on the toughest adventurers only starting October 2nd.”

As Blizzard has already confirmed, warbands are going to get some attention with this upcoming update. In addition to relaxing some requirements regarding the number of players needed for certain adventures, the update replaces the warband camps with a new war headquarters at Castle Cyrangar.

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Individual warband members of Castle Cyrangar can face a cleansing of the depths, allowing them to develop their characters and find special “relics” that can be placed in new warband rooms, where they will introduce buffs to everyone inside. Warbands can also work together to participate in the new Defense of Cyrangar, which offers new rewards in exchange for fighting waves of demonic enemies.

As mentioned earlier, Abbey’s new Silent Dungeon will be found on Mount Zaven, and Blizzard says you’ll need to find light sources to advance through the darkened halls of the dungeon, which is “shrouded in eternal night.”

Once the update arrives on September 28, get ready for Season 5 Battle Pass: Scions of the Storm to start on September 29. You can expect updated challenges, new rewards, and new cosmetics with this new seasonal progression path.

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