November 28, 2022

Financial expert Michael Perry, best known for his portrayal of the hit movie “The Big Short,” predicted a dire future for China, and possibly America in one tweet, Wednesday.

Wild Wrote In a now-deleted tweet that “China markets are seeing ‘America in early 2009.’ Fear and uncertainty are peaking or approaching.” [but] China is very important to America, 20 times as important to Russia. America cannot effectively fight or punish China without spitting on itself with equal cruelty. just us [Lebron James]. “

Perry is best known for his accurate prediction of the 2008 global financial crisis, which Christian Bale portrayed in The Big Short. In August, it was discovered that he had liquidated almost the entire portfolio of his company, Scion Asset Management, after warnings that the “parent company of all accidents” was approaching.

The quirky financial guru deletes his tweets so often that an account has been created just to share his deleted content, which spread his prophecy early Wednesday morning:

His comment comes amid a major crisis in China’s housing and property sector, which may make the troubled nation ground zero for the global financial recession, as mentioned by MacroBusiness. It also comes days after economist Nouriel Roubini reiterated Barry’s fears of a “long, ugly” recession that could change the world.

Roubini predicted that manufacturing could return to Europe and the United States, which could lead to a major conflict between the United States and China. Puri’s comments on Wednesday appeared to contradict these aspects of Roubini’s concerns, as he hinted that the United States is too dependent on China. (Related: Don’t worry about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China invaded us years ago, haven’t you noticed?)

The LeBron James aspect of it all is just further evidence of Burry’s brilliance in pop culture immersion in the macro financial scene. James has always been a supporter of China throughout his public life, likely due to the close financial ties between the NBA and the nation.

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