November 28, 2022

Diablo Immortal’s upcoming update will be the biggest yet, bringing a complete overhaul of the game’s much-distorted Warband system along with an additional dungeon, new collection items, another seasonal battle pass, and more.

Defined as the game’s first “major” update by Blizzard (the developer has categorized all previous free mobile ARPG updates as “mini” updates), Forgotten Nightmares’ update is definitely a big one. Up front are changes to Warbands, which act as small clans of up to eight players, in theory, there to reward small groups of players for playing together. In fact, the feature was slammed by playerssince getting rewards from being in Warband often requires all of its members to be online at the exact same time in order to complete certain activities.

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The Forgotten Nightmares update is looking to address some of these issues, although only time will tell if players are satisfied with the changes. When the update arrives on September 27, Warband Camps will no longer exist, and will be replaced by the new Castle Cyrangar. There will be no requirement for Warband members to kill a certain number of monsters together to establish their base of operations. The requirements for Warband Helliquarry raids are also being tweaked, which will require the update to only require four Warband members instead of an entire team of eight. Completing the Warband Helliquary raid will give members an additional 400% drop rate for Sealed Warband chests, with the reward reset every seven days.

Castle Cyrangar will perform some of the same functions as camps such as offering passive bonuses to Warband members and a great social space to hang out, but it will also introduce some new gameplay features as well. Players, either alone or with other Warband members, will be able to explore the demon-infested depths of their Warband Castle to unlock various rooms that provide passive bonuses to Warband members assigned to them. These rooms can be upgraded with items obtained from processing Demon Trouble Castle.

In addition to ridding the castle’s bowels of demons, players will need to defend the outside of their castle from hordes of demons. Once a week, Warband members can team up to fend off waves of demon invasion, which will grant experience and various rewards for successful defense. For players looking for a challenge, a playable “Infinite” castle defense mode will also be available, complete with a leaderboard and a vertical frame exclusive to the top performers.

The main attraction of participating in Castle Cyrangar activities is the opportunity to earn ancestral weapons. These are not weapons in the traditional sense because they are not directly equipped with your character, but are instead placed on the so-called Ancestral Tableau, which grants each weapon’s stats to all Warband members as a passive bonus. However, players can also find and equip summoning equipment from Castle Cyrangar activities, which will give players a chance to activate various special effects unique to certain ancestral weapons.

Changes to Warbands top the update, but there are additional items, gems, and a dungeon as well. In Silent Abbey’s new dungeon, players will need to light up the statues inside a sacred temple to ward off darkness. There’s also a new Helliquary boss for players with a combat rating of at least 6175 to deal with, Izilech the Misshapen.

A new set of set items, the Gloomguide Prize, is built around rush skills, and there are three new Legendary Gems for players to earn and equip. The new Scouring the Darkness event will run from September 28 to October 19, and an updated version of the Hungering Moon event will debut on October 6. Battle pass.

Despite fan criticism of the game’s monetization model, which allows players to pay for power, Diablo Immortal has reportedly earned more than $100 million since its launch earlier this summer. Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard, has defended how to monetize the free game, even as Blizzard reassured fans that Diablo IV’s in-game store will only offer cosmetics.

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