December 8, 2022

Fox News abruptly cut short a news conference held by New York Attorney General Letitia James after it announced that the state is suing former President Donald Trump and his adult children for allegedly engaging in fraud.

The network had been covering the live press conference, but had stopped altogether as Ms James began explaining the specific crimes the Trump family is accused of.

“Some of this stuff is already inside baseball, unless it’s New York tax money,” said Harris Faulkner, a Fox News anchor. “And some may accuse it of being political because we are 48 days before the midterm elections.” She then added without explanation: “And surely both presidents, present and past, are being looked at to assist the candidates.”

Ms. Faulkner is known as one of the “straight news” anchors on Fox News and not one of the political commentators.

She told viewers that Fox News would “definitely cover” the lawsuit, and said that “the headline in all of this is the New York State lawsuit that has just been announced by Letitia James.”

“Let’s move forward,” she said, ending the clip.

In total, Fox News Show almost 40 seconds into the press conference, while other major news networks – CNN and MSNBC – covered 35 minutes of the press conference and continued their coverage of the lawsuit after it ended.

Despite Ms. Faulkner’s claim that the press conference was “inside baseball” information – meaning it was more detailed and technical information than the average Fox News viewer would need – the network has covered much more specialized content in the past.

The network gave significant time on air to the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2021, which included intricate details about the president’s son’s work in Ukraine. according to Media matters As per the analysis, it has devoted three times as much airtime to that story as it has with the coronavirus pandemic. Fox News has also covered area-focused parent groups protesting “critical race theory” in elementary schools, and although it contains only its online broadcast platform Fox News Nation, it has aired Tucker Carlson’s “Men’s End” documentary. End of Men” about testicle tanning.

As for the lawsuit, Ms. James said her office sent a criminal referral to federal prosecutors in Manhattan and the IRS in connection with the Trump family’s alleged crimes.

The civil suit seeks damages of at least $250 million and barring Mr. Trump and his adult children – with the exception of Tiffany Trump – from serving as an officer for a New York company, in addition to a permanent ban on the companies mentioned in the lawsuit from operating in the United States. condition.

Ms James said the Trump family had “repeatedly manipulated the value of assets to induce banks to lend money to the Trump Organization on more favorable terms” than would have been shown otherwise. She claimed they did so in order to “pay less taxes” and honor loan agreements.

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