December 8, 2022

former daily offer Comedian Jon Stewart focused on Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to move immigrants from Texas and Florida to Martha’s Vineyard.

During his presentation on YouTube, The problem with Jon StewartDiscuss the political stunt with writers Guy Jordan and Tokara Mallard.

“I don’t want to make this racist again, but–but the country has a history of putting non-white people on ships and going, ‘Yeah. yes. “It’s going to be fun when you get to wherever you’re going,” Mr. Jordan said.

Mrs. Mallard agreed, saying “it all started with forced labour.”

“It wasn’t allowed to teach that in my school. So I don’t even know what you’re talking about. If this is CRT, I don’t want any part of it,” Stewart joked before turning his attention to Mr. DeSantis. The stage is that the path to republican power lies in freshness.

“This stunt did exactly what he wanted it to do, and it jumped into his profile, made him a hero among those, for whom d***ishness is one of those only characteristics they look for in their leaders,” Stewart said.

“Maybe I pissed Trump because ‘No one will be older than me.'” “Like this would be — imagine the season we are in where they try to outdo each other in sheer ruthlessness,” Stewart said.

After Mr. DeSantis was ripped off, Stewart turned it on to the actual immigration issue and advocated a “sane immigration policy” that did not involve “demonizing” immigrants.

Stewart concluded that Republicans really care less about immigration than they do about selling their “brand” to their constituents.

“Brand is — what is a brand now? Their brand is — they find groups of people that can be demonized and their base is passionate about,” he said. to resolve.”

Despite being roasted by Stewart, Mr. DeSantis is likely more interested in the criminal investigation that has been opened into his actions by Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar. The Texas Sheriff announced earlier this week that he plans to investigate whether DeSantis coerced or misled immigrants when they were invited on flights to Martha’s Vineyard.

Several outlets have reported on the story of “Perla,” a woman who allegedly speaks Spanish who offered to pay at least one immigrant to help recruit other immigrants for political adventure.

Furthermore, many immigrants received brochures promising cash assistance, housing assistance, job training, and other resources if they travel to Massachusetts. Under US immigration law, these offers are only available to refugees, however, most, if not all, immigrants agreed to make the trip under false pretenses.

Mr. DeSantis defended the flights and brochures, insisting that all participants were volunteers.

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