November 28, 2022

Eight minutes of new gameplay for the upcoming horror game mockery released, giving you a look at the first puzzle.

In this introductory sequence, you will learn about the character who will guide you through the dynamic maze.

Walkthrough playing introduction contempt

The game offers no help as you make your way deep into the game world, equip yourself with exotic gadgets and solve a horrific puzzle that “just hints at things to come”.

During your journey through this terrifying world, you will understand the character you are leading while learning the rules and mastering puzzles without any guidance.

By revealing secrets and collecting biomechanical tools used by a civilization formerly called the home of the world, you can survive.

The Scorn comes to PC and Xbox Series X/S on October 21, and you’ll be able to get it via the Epic Games Store, GOG, Steam, and first day on Xbox Game Pass.

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