December 8, 2022

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, on Wednesday took the dramatic step of filing a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his three children, accusing them of undervaluing property to get better rates on loans, insurance policies and taxes.

James’ suit is a civil case, not a criminal case. In order to prevent Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump from serving as CEOs of any company in New York, or to prevent the Trump Organization from buying any commercial real estate or taking loans from financial institutions in New York for five. Years.

The lawsuit is the result of a multi-year investigation by James and comes less than 50 days before the midterm elections.

Trump’s attorney, Alina Heba, said the lawsuit focuses neither on the facts nor on the law.

New York Attorney General Letitia James speaks during a press conference regarding former US President Donald Trump and his family’s financial case on September 21, 2022 in New York. (YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images)

“[R]Moreover, it is solely focused on advancing the political agenda of the attorney general. “It is absolutely clear that the Attorney General’s office has exceeded its legal authority by intrusively into transactions in which no wrongdoing occurred at all,” Heba said in a statement.

“We are confident that our judicial system will not stand up to this uncontrolled abuse of power, and we look forward to defending our client against each of the attorney general’s unfounded allegations,” she said.

Donald Trump Jr. was more accurate, tweeting, “Demme witch-hunt bullshit continues!” His tweet was accompanied by a video of James pledging to sue Trump.

Trump Jr. also tweeted another video of James calling Trump an “illegitimate president,” saying she was looking forward to “suing him and going home.”

She also called him an “existential threat” and “crazy”.

“This president is an existential threat to all of us in this room…The number one issue in this country is the defeat of Donald Trump. Nothing else matters,” she said.

Eric Trump tweeted compiling her notes, adding, “Isn’t it ‘political stalking?!'” “What a joke…

Representative Jim Banks, chair of the Republican Study Committee, described James as “desperate.”

“AG Letitia James has campaigned to sue President Trump and is now desperate to keep that promise. For the sake of our nation, I hope that members of the House of Representatives and President Biden will come to their senses and condemn this poaching campaign.

“House Republicans will hold partisan actors posing as law enforcement agents to account for the abuse of their power when we regain the majority,” he added.

New York Republican Party Chairman Nick Langorthy criticized the suit as “rude political propaganda.”

“The civil lawsuit that Tish James brought against the Trump family 49 days before the election is one of the most brazen political propaganda I have seen in my life. Recent polls confirm that voters are leaving her and her fellow Democrats in droves, and as we have consistently seen from Democrats in New York, they don’t have trouble breaking laws or trampling on our constitution to try to hold onto power,” he said, adding:

Day in and day out, Tish James shrugs off the blatant corruption of her fellow Democrats and the sin that has surrounded our state. She has engaged in the corruption of her office, launched political attacks against her opponents, and her constant obsession with not only the president, but his entire family is disgusting. This lawsuit is not worth the paper it is written on and voters of all stripes should be deeply troubled by this reckless abuse of power being used for purely political gain.

according to Washington PostJames is suing more than $250 million and has referred potential violations of federal law to the Department of Justice and the IRS.

The lawsuit also mentions, in addition to Trump and his children, the Trump Organization, business directors Allen Weissberg and comptroller Jeffrey McConaughey.

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