December 8, 2022

TechCrunch has learned that Arbor Ventures, a funder of fintech and shopping startups such as installment loan company Tabby and brand manufacturer Amazon Heyday, has committed $193 million into its largest fund to date.

The Singapore-based venture capital focused on early-stage fintech startups, but operates with a very broad perspective of what constitutes fintech; Its portfolio includes startups working in the field of artificial intelligence, Health Careand crypto and (of course) many buy-now-pay-later schemes. Arbor aims to raise approximately $107 million more for its third base fund, which could total $300 million each. regulatory deposit With the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Although based in Southeast Asia, Arbor supports startups everywhere, with investors in centers such as New YorkAnd the San Francisco And the Tokyo. The company has made at least 70 investments to date and has more than ten exits under its belt, per stadium book.

Arbor did not respond to requests for comment on its plans for the money, but its deals over the past year appear as diverse as ever; It extends across the wholesale shopping site RallyAI, insurance data company plank The HiBob HR startup.

Other fintech investors who have recently made headlines in New York include Kli Capital, which is raising a third $50 million fund, and AC Ventures in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is targeting $250 million for its fifth fund.

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