December 8, 2022

Splatoon 3 Give More inking options for players than ever before, with a wealth of weapons, abilities, modes, and more. While the weapons are all grouped into different types, there are more than 50 individual options in the game, which can make it difficult to choose what to spend your time with. As with most shooting games, you’ll obviously want to experiment and see which weapons feel best for your playstyle, but there are still a few weapons that stand out better than the rest. Here are our picks for the seven best weapons in Splatoon 3.


Tri Stinger

Tri-Stinger is the latest precision weapon to be added.nintendo

The Tri-Stinger is one of two new weapons in the Splatoon 3And it can be deadly in the right hand. On top of the basic damage, his three projectiles explode a few seconds after impact, so you can destroy the enemy team with good planning. The catch, of course, is that the weapon has a very high skill and you will need to put in a lot of practice to really get it.


Bamboozler 14 mk 1

The Bamboozler packs more punch than any other Charger weapon.nintendo

Chargers have always been the most difficult weapon to use in Splatoon, but they can also be the deadliest. The Splatoon equivalent of a sniper, Bamboozler is second to none in terms of range and instant damage. The Bamboozler is by far the best when it comes to chargers, but since you need a specific target, it’s very difficult to use compared to other weapons, which is why it isn’t as high as it is.


cannon range

The Range Blaster is great for crowd and lawn control.nintendo

Range Blaster is easily the best type of Blaster Splatoon 3This is because it has more range but still packs all the power. The Range Blaster is explosive, to say the least, and it’s a great option if you want to focus on grassy turf instead of targeting enemy players.


Flingza Roller

Reels are generally used for turfing, but Flingza’s range was better than most melee attacks.nintendo

The reels are completely different from the rest of the weapons in Splatoon 3The Flingza Roller is easily the fastest and easiest to use of the bunch. Players with reels generally focus on getting on the lawn, but Flingza isn’t as heavy as the others, so you can quickly switch to long range attacks for defense if you need to.


In Zap 85

The N-Zap is a throwback to the classic NES Zapper Surround.nintendo

The shooter weapon type is the heart of Splatoon, so it’s no wonder that some Shooter-type weapons are the best in the game. While the N-Zap has a lot of nostalgia, it’s also just a very well-balanced weapon that should be easy for anyone to use. The N-Zap has a large range, a very high firing rate, and a good ink supply. Look no further if you need a good weapon.


splatana mop

It took three matches to get a katana weapon at Splatoon, but it doesn’t disappoint.nintendo

The Splatana Wiper may look like other melee weapons at first, but it easily outperforms the others with its range and power. Splatana ejects ink directly forward and can be used both vertically and horizontally. Splatanas are fast and versatile weapons, and Splatana’s slicker is easily the best.


Glooga Dualies

Duos are some of the fastest and most versatile weapons in the game.nintendo

Dualies have the fastest firing rate of all weapons, but they usually lack range. Usually the keyword, as Glooga Dualies has great mid-range damage. Dualies also have the advantage of letting you dodge by holding the B button, which then increases your rate of fire for a few seconds. In the right hands, Glooga Dualies can be the most deadly weapon Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 Currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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