December 8, 2022

It’s been four months since Spotify’s launched its own Spotify virtual island roblox, This made it the first music streaming service with an official presence within the gaming platform. Today, Spotify Launched A new space-themed digital destination on Roblox called hip hop planetwhich will soon feature a rising female rapper duechi.

The new planet hip hop from Spotify Island is Now live in RobloxThe virtual experience aims to give the younger generation of hip-hop fans new ways to connect with their favorite music artists.

As Roblox Planet Hip-Hop players explore, they can collect exclusive virtual goods, customize vehicles in the “Speed ​​Shop”, dance on a floating dance floor, create hip-hop beats powered by Soundtrap, and more.

The new, futuristic-looking destination features an illuminated cityscape sitting on an inverted silver pyramid, surrounded by red record-like planet rings as well as floating meteorites and other planetary material.

Image credits: spotify

Stephen Conway, Spotify’s senior artistic director, told the press during a presentation.

Conway added that the look of Spotify’s new destination is inspired by the younger generation of hip-hop artists, many of whom are known for having the “voice of internet technology”. He pointed to young artists such as Doechii, Yeat and Trippie Redd, all in their early twenties.

Image credits: spotify

Spotify chose the hip-hop genre as a second destination for Spotify Island at the request of listeners, the company wrote in its release. The music streaming platform boasted that hip-hop music generates an average of 44 billion monthly streams on Spotify globally.

Compared to the K-pop world of Spotify Island, K-ParkThere are lots of new items and Easter eggs in Planet Hip-Hop for players to discover. This includes the ability to walk on and float around buildings – an added touch to the experience that makes it look like your Roblox avatars have been transported into a low-gravity environment.

During the demo, Spotify associate creative director Edward Young explained that players can also drive a custom car around the planet’s rings, which act as drivable tracks.

Young revealed that in the near future, Spotify will turn the tracks on planetary rings into an obstacle course.

New merchandise exclusive to Planet Hip-Hop includes clothing items, emotes, and parkour effects. Within two weeks, players will be able to purchase a bubble patcher jacket and moon boots for their avatar. Roblox players can collect hearts to buy goods.

Similar to K-Park, players must enter an underground portal to visit the fan experience of the music artist. This Thursday, September 22nd, Spotify will introduce the first artist on Planet Hip-Hop- Doechii.

When Roblox players enter the Doechii underground portal in Planet Hip-Hop, they will see the swamp kingdom commemorating the rapper’s birthplace, Tampa, Florida, and her nickname, “Swamp Princess.”

Image credits: spotify

At launch, players can swim with a crocodile, dive underwater, and jump on lily pads. While fans can’t interact and ride on the crocodile/crocodile yet, this is a feature that Spotify will add later.

However, there are a lot of features that won’t be available when Swamp Doechii launches tomorrow.

In the following days, Spotify will release more features for Doechii fans, such as a test where players must “convince” Doechii to let them into the “Swamp Coven”. This is a nod to her song “Convincing” which recently got a New music video A remix with famous R&B singer SZA. In today’s announcement, the company explains that once players answer the questions correctly, they will be invited to bore and even grow an alligator’s tail.

Spotify will be rolling out exclusive Doechii gear over the next few days as well. Players will soon be able to purchase crocodile leather pants, shoes, crocodile necklaces, and a sky blue mullet inspired by their originals.”maskedMusic video, star crown and more. Soon there will be a feature where Doechii will physically sign your merchandise.

Also, in a few weeks, fans will take part in missions, such as a scavenger hunt where players collect crocodile tokens and trade them for prizes. When Roblox players complete all Doechii missions within the first 72 hours, they will unlock exclusive space glasses.

Image credits: spotify

Spotify will continue to add to Planet Hip-Hop, including collaborations with different hip-hop artists that have not yet been announced.

In the future, the company will also launch more vehicle customization options in the Speed ​​Shop, as well as new themed vehicles representing future music artists joining the virtual world. For example, Doechii fans will soon be able to ride a crocodile car.

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