December 8, 2022

Recently released Trombone Champ.

It is a music rhythm game where you play on the trombone. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

You will be wrong. While there are some of the most well-known classical pieces, such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the Sugar Plum Fairy dance, and even the National Anthem, no amount of musical knowledge will save you here.

The Champion of the Trombone: Trailer Release Date.

The story is silly (needs to improve in order to get approval from a baboon?) but the game knows it’s not meant to be serious and gets along well with it. Mix that with the awesome flat notes you can produce and Mii-esque tromboners well, you’ve got a perfect game on the ballpark.

Trombone Champ aims to emulate every part of playing the trombone. You can control the pitch by moving the mouse up and down (which was upside down by default and I had to change right away), and press a key when the bars moved along the screen so you could play it.

This is where Trombone Champ really shines compared to other rhythm games. You can play any stadium at any time. The note does not have to be within range of the injury to be able to make a sound. Trombone Champ also doesn’t stay within the confines of the usual chromatic scale we’re used to hearing in music, so you can experience all the freaky notes you hit.

Trombone Champ
Just tap on a musical note.

The other thing that sets Trombone Champ apart is the slip. The trombone can glide very smoothly through the notes, and you can also do it here if you like. If two consecutive notes are not connected and are quite far apart in height, you can leave the switch pressed and move the cursor to it. As long as you have enough breath to complete the phrase, you are good to go!

Yes, there is a spirometer that has to be dealt with as well. Just like how trombone players in real life have to learn to control their breath, figuring out the wording in a piece so they know when to breathe without spoiling what they’re playing.

I consider myself decent in classical music. I’ve played piano since I was a kid and studied some in university, but my efforts were…too dissonant. I excelled in a warm-up consisting of some basic scales and Arpeggios, but other than that I struggled to get past a B rating on the tracks I tried.

You earn blueberries for playing tracks, which are then used to buy bags. Each bag contains four cards, which are game collectibles. There seem to be 50 in total, and so far I can tell you it’s made up of instruments, composers, chords, a hot dog, and a black red-eyed monkey (“one of the most powerful tromboneer cards”). You can sell duplicates of cards for excrement. However, I don’t know what these things mean yet.

Drop the hero trombone bag
One of my sachet drops included Claude Debussy and the strongest monkey ever. This game also has a weird charm with sausages – there’s the characters featured on the Debussy card and a hot dog (not pictured) card only.

After choosing a track to play, there’s also a screen for choosing your trombone, which seems to suggest a variety of musical instruments and orchestral sections to unlock either in-game or not yet added. Roadmap published by the developer holly wow Determines what updates are planned next.

I can’t help but remember Sweeping Nesun Dorma singing While I’m playing this, I have to admit. According to the developers, in free improvisation (where you can play whatever you want without a recording system and without music), if you press the backslash key, you can get a green screen background. If I knew how to edit video, I would definitely put Sweep into this game. Plus I’m sure he’d be interested in a hot dog…

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