December 8, 2022

For many years, licensed board games have been more about collectability than playability. Game companies will swap out regular tokens for some small collectibles, put some movie stills on the game board and ship the package just in time for the big weekend. The gameplay won’t change much, though.

Modern board game fans have a lot of different tastes. Modern board games have to match the feel of the media they represent to help fans feel like they’re inside the movies. Here’s a collection of some of the tabletop titles popping up lately that will turn any meeting into a movie night and game night.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

At first glance, it seems so Star Wars: Clone Wars It probably follows the old formula. The gameplay is based on the modern classic Pandemic where players must work together to prevent the world from falling into a terminal illness. This game uses the same co-op gameplay and timer mechanics to mimic the tension star Wars The galaxy is slowly being drawn into a galactic-wide war that will have repercussions for future generations.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars It adds some new wrinkles by sending players on specific missions that require specific resources to succeed. Players also choose classic galactic masterminds, such as Asajj Ventress or Maul, who influence the gameplay and become the ultimate boss to defeat the Jedi. Players also choose classic Jedi characters to play with to use special abilities to bring peace to the galaxy and balance the power.

The Goonies: Never Say You Die

Ask anyone born in the ’80s if they want to be a Goonie and they’ll say yes. The beloved 1985 collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner is a staple of the Kids on Bikes genre. without foolsWe don’t have offers like Weird things And our pop culture scene has become very different over the past few years.

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The Goonies: Never Say You Die Turns events from the movie into a fun dungeon crawl style game for people who want Dungeons & Dragons Experience with less prep work. Connected adventures incorporate ideas from cut scenes from the movie to form a story that plays out over multiple games. expansionAnd the The Goonies: Under the GoondocksHe even continues the tradition of not making potential sequels that stretch all the way back to 1987’s The Goonies II for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rocketeer: Fate of the Future

When Rocketer Released in 1991, it was seen as a disappointment. dreams Indiana JonesThe -style franchise has waned due to the lackluster box office. Over the years, the movie has maintained a cult following and found a new generation of fans.

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like the movie, Rocketeer: Fate of the Future Frame its two-player gameplay in terms of heroes and villains trying to claim plans in the rocket pack. The gameplay provides an element of deduction and knowing when to cheat, when to reveal, and when to punch a bad guy in the mouth. The arrival of Zeppelin Luxembourg as the final round of the game is one of the many delicious touches that will delight fans of the movie.

rear window

Board game based on the classic Alfred Hitchcock suspense movie rear window It seems oddly appropriate for a list of multi-billion dollar IP-inspired games. The game is also special due to some cool mid-century-inspired designs and enough nods to Hitchcock’s work body to keep fans awake for weeks looking for all the McGuffins. The gameplay focuses on a Dixit or mysterium A style of communication between a silent manager player and other players trying to determine certain traits through four turns using cards full of rich pictures.

Of course, it wouldn’t deserve the Hitchcock name without some suspense and this game takes it straight from the central movie. director player mayo He committed a murder, and if they mislead the players, the manager could take the win for themselves. Players won’t know until the final reveal, which we recommend reading with Hitchcock’s best (or worst) voice.

Arakis Sand Dunes: Dawn of Freeman

Franchising introductory offers can be a tricky proposition. dunes The streaming timeline seems to be the only exception for books that are set thousands of years before and after the original story. Gale Force Nine took advantage of this sprawling timeline with Arakis Sand Dunes: Dawn of FreemanAnd the A board game that takes place thousands of years before House Atreides arrives on the planet to meet its destiny.

The game has a lot of plot and the same prestige as other games set on the sand dunes. However, the changing playing board means that no two games are the same. The same design team that worked on previous Gale Force Nine titles came together for a modern spin on this style of game.

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