December 8, 2022


YouTube has revealed a surprising new initiative called Creator Music.

As part of what appears to be a major new push to attract creators to its platform, YouTube has unveiled a surprising initiative designed to allow creators to make money from their videos even when they feature licensed music – as long as it appears on a list called “Creator Music”.

report from painting It states that YouTube has been in talks with more than 50 record companies, publishers, and distributors to organize an expanded music roster of “several hundreds of thousands” of songs. So far, YouTube creators have been forced to use royalty-free music in order to monetize, with the shortest snippet of the licensed music appearing in a video potentially demonizing their content.

Today’s news comes in the form of an announcement made today during this week’s YouTube “Made on YouTube” event. Following the launch of the new “Creator Music” initiative (first in beta in the US before being rolled out worldwide), creators will be given a choice as to whether they license tracks directly and keep all revenue (except for YouTube’s 45% cut) or Revenue sharing with license holders.

In the case of the latter, their share of 55% will be allocated based on the number of licensed tracks in their video – if it is one, they will keep 27.5%, if they use two, they will get 18.3%. Deductions such as performance rights fees may be allocated to license holders in some cases.

The announcement follows YouTube’s overhaul of short film monetization, a spin-off from rival TikTok that previously revolved around the creator fund but will instead start a similar ad revenue-sharing program that will see creators receive 45% of the revenue on their films. short. Details about the company’s latest releases can be read Articles.

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