December 8, 2022

Reports are back in 2019 dreamers club, a new Berlin-based European venture capital firm focused on B2B, founded by Sebastian Bullock and Robert Lacher. At that time, the Visionaries Club launched two new small funds worth €40 million for the incorporation phase and the B2B growth phase.

Bullock was previously head of capital at in San Francisco and also founded Amorelie, which spun out to Pro7Sat.1 Media Group. Lacher was previously a founding partner of La familiaone of the early investors in FreightHub, Coya, Asana Rebel, OnTruck, and Personio.

The Visionaries Club has now announced a second fund focused on business-to-business, with a new €150 million seed fund and a €200 million early growth fund. So far I’ve invested in companies like Personio, Miro, Choco, Xentral, Truelayer, Vay, Taxdoo, Yokoy, Pigment, Leapsome, and Gtmhub, along with VCs like Sequoia, Accel, Index, Lightspeed or Bessemer.

In a statement, Lacher said: “We are very proud and humbled that more than 20 Founding LPs are founders we have supported in the past, who are now reinvesting their own money in our funds such as Hanno Renner (Personio), Jenny Podewills (Leapsome) or Daniel Khachab (Choco), Christian Reber (Pitch/Superlist), or the founders of Taxdoo and Insify.”

The fund primarily functions as a micro-investment fund, meaning that it can lead and co-lead initial investment deals, and co-invest alongside larger, multi-stage venture capital funds in early growth stage deals (Series B).

It is also launching the Visionaries Club’s science-driven “Tomorrow Fund” to support pre-seed and pre-seed science-based startups.

In addition, the charm of Mughni and Marton Serkadi Nagy has been upgraded to Partners.

London-based Megani will take a lead role in managing the new Growth Fund, while Sarkadi Nagy will lead the activities of the initial fund.

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