December 8, 2022

After a brief return, Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer features are offline again, although FromSoftware confirms that it has found the problem.

FromSoftware confirms there was a problem playing online on Steam for dark souls 3, which means that he again had to remove Internet functionality from the game. The dark souls 3 The server issues started in January, when a serious vulnerability was reported and needed to be fixed. Since then, fans have been worried about the disappearance of the multiplayer tag dark souls 3 on Steam, leading some to believe that the feature has been removed entirely.

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However, FromSoftware has provided fans with updates about its work to restore online gameplay to dark souls 3. Back in May, when players asked when they could join their friends in co-op or battle fellow fans in PvP, FromSoftware stated that a fix was still in development. Later in July, it finally seemed Dark Souls 3 The online features have been restored, as it has been announced via the game’s official Twitter page that a new update has fixed problems with its servers.

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However, now servers dark souls 3 Once again, as shown on the game’s official Twitter page. FromSoftware informs players of a confirmed issue Dark Souls 3 Steam servers. It hasn’t been confirmed what this issue is or if it’s related to the exploit discovered in January, but the tweet states that FromSoftware is investigating the issue and will report it to fans as soon as more details become available.

If the problem is similar to the previous problems that were discovered with Dark Souls 3 Online features, it may take some time before players can use them again on PC. While FromSoftware RPGs are often designed as single player experiences, online gaming features can add some interesting elements to the gameplay. in Evil spirits’ Invasions and Duels, for example, can add another challenge to the game’s hard combat, as players battle each other with the different structures they’ve crafted.

Currently, many fans of FromSoftware titles are still playing elden ringwhich did not have any problems with the multiplayer functionality. Elden Ring Multiplayer works similar to that of Evil spirits, with players being able to enter the underworld to either aid or hinder their progress. However, for those who want a break from conquering the player world in the lands in between, it seems that they may wait a while before they can return to the Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer.

dark souls 3 Now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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