December 8, 2022

Terraform Labs CEO and co-founder Do Kwon has transferred $250,000 from USDC to a mysterious account, according to the latest on-chain data.

Cryptocurrency CEO Kwon is said to be secretly moving his money, which critics say is an operation to fund a “fugitive life”.

Address 0xda44200196cfb3416bf011eed608f354804337ba, which allegedly belongs to the TFL CEO, sent a whopping $250,000 in another wallet on Tuesday, according to data provided by block explorer and analytics platform Etherscan.

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The deal was spotted by assistant professor at Hansung University and blockchain technology advocate Jaewoo Choo. After the conversion, the said wallet had a balance of over $30 million in ETH and USDC.

FatManTerra, an outspoken critic of Kwon, commented on this in a series of tweets. One of the tweets stated: “To be clear, this is just one wallet and one personal wallet at the time. The vast majority of withdrawals happened through TFL-token accounts, not shadow wallets, so that amount is likely a drop in the bucket.” , which highlights that the cryptocurrency CEO is not as bankrupt as it has led people to believe.

In another tweet, the critic said: “Life on the run must be demanding. Are his main accounts being monitored?”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in June, Kwon said he lost nearly all of his money to Terra’s implosion. He also mentioned a big bet and lose on Project Terra online prior to that interview.

Lately, the TFL CEO has been mumbling about a lot of things. Among them is the claim that he is “not a fugitive” and that his team is cooperating with South Korean authorities. However, it appears that Kwon is no longer in Singapore. After South Korea requested that his passport be revoked and his name included in the Interpol Red List, he has been silent on Twitter.

Currently, Kwon cannot be found anywhere.

International Business Times They have reached out to a TFL representative for comment when we released an article about South Korea’s Red Notice request to INTERPOL but we have yet to receive a response. We’ll update this story as soon as we hear back from Kwon Camp.

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