December 8, 2022

Unless you’ve just woken up from a week’s hibernation by now, you’ve likely heard about the leaked videos and screenshots from GTA 6. You may have seen some of them before Rockstar started removing them from the internet. Even if you see them, sharing them is a risky business. That’s why some dedicated GTA fans have tried to map the game with MS Paint.

Kotaku Report on the awesome efforts of over 100 people eager to know what the GTA 6 map looks like. Since screenshots are basically gone and sharing them could lead to legal repercussions, GTA fans have recreated them and tried to piece them together using Paint, Math, and even Google Earth, where The satellite images have been divided into screenshots which they are not allowed to use.

The Gamer video today

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A time consuming process which is why Church of GTA and the rest of the unofficial GTA 6 cartographers put their effort into Discord. There, map makers can freely look at whatever screenshots and clips they can still find to make recreation of Vice City, where GTA 6 appears to be set, a lot easier. As you can see below, what they’ve managed to put together so far is pretty cool.

The map is huge as expected. The odds are Vice City of GTA 6 and any other place players can visit will be much bigger than Los Santos. Some of the leaks include coordinates that, along with the engine measurements used in GTA 5, allowed the Church of GTA and anyone else trying to map the game to roughly how big Vice City and the surrounding area would be.

This is actually a common occurrence in GTA circles. Fans did the same when Rockstar dropped the first trailer for GTA 5. In this case, the task was a little easier since there was an official source that wasn’t quickly removed. The map they came up with a decade ago was actually pretty close to the real thing, so there’s every chance the map above is comparable to what GTA 6 will look like when it launches. A launch that hasn’t been delayed by leaks, according to Rockstar.

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