December 8, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing the partial mobilization sparked heated reactions across Russia. Leading lawmakers and analysts expressed enthusiastic support on state television, but concrete concerns were brewing behind the hype.

Even the most pro-Kremlin propagandist could not hide their concerns about the obvious shortcomings of the Russian economy and its military-industrial complex. On the official TV broadcast Wednesday 60 minutesEven the studio looked a mess, with a large pool of water clearly visible near one of the platforms.

Senior military analyst Mikhail Khodarionok poured more water on Putin’s statement when he noted during the presentation that “mobilization is the face of the nation.” This face seems to be missing a few teeth, with glaring issues of lack of military equipment and technologies that even the most frantic publicist sighed. “The issue that is no less important than others is how well these people are armed and equipped … They must have modern uniforms, modern materiel, rations, medical supplies, materials related to support and logistics, modern weapons … It’s not appropriate.”

Military expert Igor Korotchenko declared during his appearance at the parade that those lucky enough not to face mobilization should contribute in other ways.

“It is very important that our new military teams that are being formed today receive the necessary equipment and weapons,” he stressed. “Since we are talking about the future of our nation, there must be a consolidation of all available resources. We must create a support fund for the special military operation. An outstanding socially responsible oligarchy must share its profits, so that our fighters on the front lines can be adequately armed and equipped.”

Korotchenko continued: “Everyone has to play their part. We cannot have some luxury in Rublyovka [a prestigious residential area in the western suburbs of Moscow]While others defend the motherland. Those who are fattened in the economic sense need to share their resources so that we can provide our forces with everything that is needed.”

It seems that the Russian elite – including many of the top pro-Kremlin propagandists – would much rather be cheered from the sidelines than join Russia’s bloody and brutal imperial endeavour. Host 60 minutes On air, Evgeny Popov ponders whether he is subject to mobilization, with an expression devoid of any signs that he feels especially lucky.

Dmitry Nezovtsev, host of Popular Politics, a YouTube channel run by supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, pranks the children of Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s press secretary and Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Neither Nikolai Peskov nor Alexei Mishustin expressed any desire to fight on the front lines, and both rushed to end the call. Fortunately, the wealthy and well-connected in Russia will not have to risk their lives and limbs to serve the Motherland.

However, that did not stop many of these speakers from expressing powerfully verbal Supporting the new Kremlin’s decisions for millions across the country.

In another broadcast of 60 minutes, The Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov tried to convince the faltering members of the committee how lucky they were to “live in such wonderful times”, when Russia became “the center of a new world order”. It seems that Dmitry Abzalov, director of the Center for Strategic Communications, was not so lucky, and doubted the readiness of the Russian economy for what was to come.

It is clear that partial mobilization is announced because we cannot achieve our goals without it.

In the hours before Putin’s announcement, another State Duma member, Andrei Gorolev, was full of excitement. “It is clear to me that today’s decision is the beginning of the end for Ukraine. That’s it, that nation no longer exists The evening with Vladimir Solovyov. “Ukraine’s history is ending and it might be a good thing.”

In the weeks leading up to the announcement, it appeared that the official Kremlin television horns were laying the groundwork for mobilization. Government TV Show 60 minuteswho spent several months mocking Ukrainian troops and mocking Western weapons, suddenly changed course with hostess Olga Scapeva. The unexpected admission that the Ukrainian army was a “strong” force and that NATO’s weapons were “very effective”.

Featured on Wednesday’s broadcast The evening with Vladimir SolovyovRT President Margarita Simonyan admitted that Putin’s mobilization is a coercive measure, prompted by the military defeats of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine: “Am I happy that we announced partial mobilization? No, I am not happy … Partial mobilization was announced because we cannot achieve Our goals without them.”

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