December 8, 2022

Marvel Comics just released their full orders in December 2022, but now we’re getting a deeper look at what lies ahead in Marvel’s future thanks to its distributor website, Random Penguin House (Opens in a new tab). The distributor’s crowd-facing retailer site includes a gallery of covers for titles already announced and planned for release in January 2023.

A few covers have already been previewed, including the main cover for the recently announced Avengers: War Across Time that celebrates 60 years of the Avengers in 2023, and marks the debut of a long-time Marvel Comics writer/editor in DC alongside the artist Avengers veteran Alan Davis.

There’s also the cover of Midnight Suns #5, which features the previously revealed youthful remake of Agatha Harkness from a story that delves into her ancient past starting with Midnight Suns #2. Interestingly, the cover of Midnight Suns #5 appears to put Agatha side by side. With contemporary members of the supernatural team, which may suggest that her young character may carry over to the present day in some way. Not a far-fetched idea with its own broadcast series starring Katherine Hahn in the title role on The Road.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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In terms of what we haven’t seen before, there are a few dozen covers for nearly all of the regular Marvel collection, including an especially cool tribute cover for Savage Avengers #9 that summons the now iconic cover of Uncanny X-Men #141, the beginning of the “Days of the Past” storyline. future”. Looking at the Savage Avengers who have just found themselves in the futuristic world of 2099, the theme of time travel is the case.

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