December 8, 2022

Modern Warfare 2 beta preload is causing problems for some Call of Duty players trying to install Activision and Infinity Ward FPS via Battlenet and Steam, as the PC beta launches today September 22nd.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta has been available for Playstation users since September 16, but is set to expand to PC and Xbox players who pre-ordered the game on September 22, starting at 10 AM PT. Although the exact size of the PC beta hasn’t been revealed, on the PS5 it’s 25GB, and on the PS4 it’s 35GB, so it’s likely to be similarly huge on Battlenet and Steam as well. A beta pre-load was made available on September 20, but some Call of Duty fans reported that despite pre-purchasing Modern Warfare 2, it was not made available on Battlenet or Steam for early download.

One CoD fan wrote: “I pre-purchased MW2 last night so I can pre-load the beta.” “It doesn’t show up as one of my games in the Battlenet player so I can’t preload the trial. When I go to the MW2 page in the store and try to buy it back, it says I already own it. It even shows up in my recent transactions on my account and through my bank. I submitted a ticket But all they said was wait for the game to actually be released to try and install it, but as you know, the PC beta starts on Thursday.”

“I am having the same problem as above,” another player reported. “The game is not showing up in my library even though it says I own it on the store page. I opened a support ticket and all they did was tell me to contact Activision and they said my code would work tomorrow.”

Other players have suggested a variety of possible fixes, including uninstalling and reinstalling the Battlenet launcher, or clicking the plus icon above the Battlenet game bar to add Modern Warfare 2 to Favorites, which in some cases may give access to the preload option . However, this does not seem to work in all cases. One player replies: “I don’t even have the option to add it to favourites.” “It’s not included in My Games. It’s not an option in my favourites, but it shows I have it when trying to pre-purchase it.”

Users who purchased Modern Warfare 2 on Steam also reported a similar issue. “Same here,” write one, in response to other players’ concerns about their inability to preload. “Weird thing, I could see their Steam page and if you actually requested it was already there. I assumed there wouldn’t be a problem.”

PCGamesN has contacted Activision Blizzard regarding this issue and will update this story with any information you provide.

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