December 8, 2022

Jupiter announces the next release of its Switch-exclusive puzzle game series, Picross S8, arriving very soon.

Jupiter officially announced Picross S8 The release date of the upcoming puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch has been confirmed. While for most bicross Fans, this will be the newest non-software puzzle addiction method, the buyer is doing something special for Picross S8. While there won’t be a new game mode or any more puzzles to be added than usual, Picross S8 It will include the biggest major addition the franchise has seen in some time – something to share with friends.

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Picross S8 It will officially add local multiplayer. When it plays on the Nintendo Switch, Picross S8 Players will be able to gather for a total of four players and complete nonograms together. Each player’s pieces will be marked by a specific color, so everyone can see who did what, mistakes, and everything. to clarify, Picross S8 Only local co-op will be supported. Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer functionality. Maybe the buyer can add that later.

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As for when? bicross Fans can start playing, and the game will officially start on September 29th. This is correct , Picross S8 Only a week left until release. Jupiter also confirmed what players can expect from the new nonogram game. There will be more than 300 puzzles available through the standard Picross and Mega Picross game modes, 30 colorful puzzles with cartoon art, 150 Clip Picross puzzles, and five additional mega puzzles with three unlocked puzzles for owners Picross 4And the Picross 5And the Picros 6.

There is one last surprise that must be confirmed by Jupiter for its release Picross S8. The new game will feature full touch screen support so that nonograms can be solved with a stylus. If that is not enough, the buyer will repair all his adapters bicross Games to support both full touch screen support and local multiplayer. Seniors update Picross S. The games are set to come out along with the release of Picross S8.

Those who have missed what to make bicross And nonograms that have had success over the years you won’t have to pay up front to see what the game is like. There is a private beta for Picross S8 It is supposed to arrive on September 22nd. It’s a great way to find out if bicross Something worth spending time on.

As far as the local multiplayer support and touch screen is convenient for bicross franchise, most bicross Fans will simply be glad that there are more puzzles to solve. It’s a fun game to play while resting, before bed, or when trying to relax. And Jupiter releases new games so frequently and at such a reasonable cost that it seems as if there are always more puzzles to solve.

Picross S8 Released September 29th on Switch.

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