December 8, 2022

United Nations (Associated Press) – Russia’s partial military mobilization Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday accused a “failed and failed” sign of its invasion of Ukraine, and condemned what he called an escalation of the war.

Trudeau said the activation of some reservists, along with President Vladimir Putin’s covert nuclear threats, have Plans for referendums in the occupied regions of Ukraine showed that the Russian leader was desperate.

“Putin has fundamentally miscalculated in a whole range of different ways,” the prime minister told reporters gathered at the United Nations headquarters, where the General Assembly is meeting. “Putin was wrong and is, now, failing and faltering in his response to the situation.”

In his rallying call, Putin cited the length of the frontline and said Russia was effectively fighting the combined military force of Western countries.

Trudeau pledged that Canada would continue to tighten sanctions on Russia and provide military assistance to Ukraine, but did not elaborate. He said Putin was gradually getting closer to “recognizing what he didn’t want to admit” that his country was, in fact, at war.

The Canadian leader accused Putin of committing “war crimes” and said Russia, a founding member of the United Nations, was violating the foundation’s basic principles.

“We continue to make sure that we do everything necessary to make sure that Putin and his cronies are held accountable,” Trudeau said.

And researched by reporters to delve into American politics, Trudeau avoided one point and swamped another. When asked if President Joe Biden was wrong in declaring the COVID-19 pandemic over, Trudeau pointed to people who are suffering in hospitals and said, “We all want this pandemic to end as quickly as possible.”

On the topic of dropping Roe v. Wade, he said enthusiastically that Canada would fight for reproductive rights around the world.

“We will help the United States if we need it too,” he said.


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