November 28, 2022

  • Myles Taylor said Trump wanted criminals found at the border to be sent to cities run by Democrats.
  • Taylor said Trump specifically wanted to identify the “murderers” and “rapists” and drive them away on buses.
  • Taylor said it did not take a lawyer “to realize that it is very likely that it would be against the law to do so.”

Miles Taylor, chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security during the Trump administration, said this week that former President Donald Trump once asked his team to find murderers, rapists and criminals at the border and send them to cities run by Democrats.

Taylor made this statement During an appearance on CNN This week while thinking about how to do it Texas Governor Greg Abbott And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sends immigrants to places like New York and Martha’s Vineyard, respectively.

Taylor is best known for writing a 2018 op-ed in the New York Times in which he said there was “resistance” within the Trump administration. Since then, he has become a vocal critic of the former president.

“In January and February of 2019, we instructed Donald Trump to go and take immigrants at the border, quote, ‘pick them up and dump them in Democratic cities and blue states’,” Taylor told CNN.

But he was more specific, Taylor said of Trump. “He wanted us to get to know the killers, the rapists, the criminals and in particular to make sure we didn’t lock them up and put them in those cities.”

Taylor explained what his team did next.

“It doesn’t take a lawyer or a genius to realize that this is very likely against the law. But put the murderers and rapists and criminals aside — can you take people from the border and dump them in the blue states?” He said. We went and asked the lawyers and they told us no.. the federal government can’t do that.

Noting that his team told the White House that it would be “unlawful” to carry out Trump’s plan, Taylor said DeSantis and Abbott are “walking into the same problem” with their latest efforts.

On Wednesday, Taylor retweeted a thread from November 2020 detailing “the foolish, immoral, un-American, and/or illegal things” Trump asked him to do while in office. At the top of the list What Taylor said was an instruction from Trump “to move thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants (especially those with criminal records) to the sanctuary cities of Democrats to cause instability and conflict.”

“DeSantis & Abbott are reviving Trump’s zombie policies that we said were illegal (one of the reasons I resigned and warned against re-election),” Taylor Wrote In his tweet on Wednesday. “Trumpism is very much alive – and his followers are taking it to the next level.”

Representatives for Trump, DeSantis and Abbott did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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