November 28, 2022

Full speech: Zelensky tells UN Ukraine is ready for ‘real, honest and just peace’

A showdown looms at the United Nations as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meets his Security Council counterparts, a day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Moscow to receive “just punishment” for its invasion.

Mr. Zelensky’s video speech, in which he called for Moscow to be stripped of its UN veto – an authority that has prevented the council from taking meaningful action despite meeting at least 20 times to discuss the war – came on the same day with his Russian counterpart Vladimir. Putin ordered the mobilization of reserve forces in Moscow and threatened to use nuclear weapons.

Zelensky called on world leaders assembled at the United Nations General Assembly to take revenge on Russia for causing “catastrophic disruptions” to their economies through its “unlawful war”.

Meanwhile, police have arrested more than 1,300 people in protests organized across Russia in response to Putin’s order for up to 300,000 military reservists to prepare for service in his country’s campaign, which is struggling against its neighbor.


Warn Uzbeks not to join foreign armies

Prosecutors in Uzbekistan have warned citizens not to join foreign armies, after Moscow offered subscribers quick citizenship, and Ukraine said it had arrested Uzbeks fighting alongside the Russians.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the former Soviet country warned on Wednesday that those fighting in military conflicts abroad face criminal prosecution under Uzbek law.

A video clip circulating on Ukrainian social media this month showed two captured Uzbeks who said they had been recruited in Moscow.

Hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks live in or regularly travel to Russia to find work and provide for their families at home; Some work illegally and risk deportation.


Russian arrivals ‘surge’ at Finnish border overnight

The Scandinavian country’s border guards said early this morning that traffic arriving at Finland’s eastern border with Russia “intensified” during the night.

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kakkonen said, on Wednesday, that Finland is closely monitoring the situation in Russia after Vladimir Putin ordered a military mobilization.

Mate Petkaniti, head of international affairs at the border guards, said border guards were ready at nine checkpoints after 4,824 Russians arrived in Finland via the eastern border, compared to 3,133 in the previous week.

But he told Reuters that fewer people crossed the border on Wednesday than on the weekend.


Hungary’s Orban says EU sanctions against Russia should be lifted

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban reportedly told his party Fidesz that EU sanctions against Russia should be lifted

A pro-government newspaper published his comments at a behind-the-doors meeting on Wednesday Mejiar Namazt late Wednesday and a government spokesperson later confirmed it to Reuters.

Orban was quoted as saying – without giving a source – that the EU sanctions have led to higher gas prices and inflation, and if these measures are rescinded, gas prices will fall by 50 percent immediately while inflation will also fall.

Orban was quoted as saying that without sanctions, Europe could regain strength and could avoid a looming recession, and reiterated his previous position that sanctions harm Europe more than Russia.

On his Facebook page, Orban posted from the party meeting: “Brussels sanctions have pushed Europe into an energy crisis.”

In July, Orban said the EU had “shot itself in the lungs” by imposing ill-considered economic sanctions on Russia, which, unless undone, risk destroying the European economy.


Russian Sergei Lavrov prepares for confrontation at the UN summit

A diplomatic showdown looms later today when the UN Security Council meets over atrocities in Ukraine, with Kyiv demanding that Russia punish its invasion and strip it of its veto in the Security Council.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday called on a United Nations special court to impose a “fair punishment” on Russia and strip Moscow of its veto power in the Security Council – an authority that prevented the council from taking any meaningful action on the war.

In what will be at least the 20th time the council meets on Ukraine this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will face his Ukrainian and Western counterparts as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan brief the 15-member Council.


Russia struggles to rally 300,000 troops in new mobilization movement, UK claims

The British Ministry of Defense said today that Russia is likely to struggle to gather 300,000 people to support its war in Ukraine.

Russia will likely face the logistical and administrative challenges of mobilizing 300,000 personnel. In its latest intelligence update, the ministry said it will likely attempt to form new formations with many of these forces, which are unlikely to be effective in combat for several months.

Yesterday, Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilization” to support operations in Ukraine amid major setbacks in the invasion of Ukraine.

Soon, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said the move would include mobilizing 300,000 reservists.

Even this limited mobilization is likely not very popular with parts of the Russian population. Britain’s Ministry of Defense said Putin was accepting a major political risk in the hope of generating much-needed combat power.

She added that the move was “a real admission that Russia has exhausted its supply of volunteers willing to fight in Ukraine.”


North Korea says it has not sent weapons to Russia, calls US intelligence ‘fake’

North Korea has denied exporting any weapons to Russia during the war in Ukraine and has said it has no intention of sending any, describing US intelligence reports on the arms trade as “rumours” and “fakes”.

An unnamed North Korean defense official has asked the United States to stop “reckless statements” and “silence,” according to an official media report.

The official said the export and import of military equipment is a “legal right of a sovereign country,” even if such transfer violates United Nations resolutions that ban the country from importing or exporting weapons.

“But we take this opportunity to make one thing clear. We have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before and will not plan to export them,” said the official, who serves as deputy director general of the General Equipment Office of the Ministry of National Defense. .

“It is not certain where the rumors spread by the United States originated, but they are aimed at tarnishing the image of the DPRK,” the official said.


Russia and Ukraine exchange about 300 prisoners

Officials of Russia and Ukraine successfully conducted a prisoner exchange and exchanged about 300 people, of whom Kyiv received 215 fighters from the main battles of Azov and Mariupol.

“We are bringing our people home. The exchange has just ended. Today we have 215 good news. 215!” Mr. Zelensky declared in his late-night speech.

He praised many fighters and said that the country received 188 “heroes” from the bloody fighting in Azovstal.

This is the largest prisoner exchange carried out since the war began and also involved 10 foreigners and commanders who extended the Ukrainian defense in Mariupol before it fell to Russia.

“These are National Guard warriors, our army, navy, border guards, policemen, territorial defense warriors, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and others,” Mr. Zelensky said.


EU leaders to pressure more sanctions on Russia, send weapons to Ukraine

European Union foreign ministers are looking to impose new sanctions on Russia and increase arms shipments to Ukraine in response to Vladimir Putin’s order in the first wartime mobilization since World War II.

A formal meeting will be held between EU ministers next month where they are due to discuss the sanctions package and the formalization of restrictions that will be imposed on Moscow.

European Union President Josep Borrell said there would be “unanimous” support among the bloc for future measures.


Putin’s Military Mobilization, Nuclear Threat of Failed Invasion of Ukraine – Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in New York, where world leaders gathered for the United Nations General Assembly, that Vladimir Putin’s military mobilization order and his nuclear threat underscore the failure of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Canada condemns Putin’s irresponsible escalation of the war, his partial military mobilization, and his nuclear threats, as well as Russia’s hasty referendums to try to annex parts of Ukraine, are unacceptable,” Trudeau said.

“Putin’s behavior only shows that his conquest has failed,” he added.

Trudeau said the Russian leader’s draft order was “a step closer to admitting what he didn’t want to admit to the Russians…an example of things not going his plan.”


Russia releases Ukrainian prisoners – Suspline

Russia has released some Ukrainian fighters it captured after a protracted battle for control of the port city of Mariupol earlier this year, Ukraine’s public broadcaster Susplain said on Wednesday.

Sospelin, citing the unit of the Azov battalion that did most of the fighting, said an exchange took place near the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv. No details were given.

The Telegram account of Andrei Beltsky, the original founder of the Azov Battalion, showed him giving a victory sign with the caption “On duty” while holding a captive. Reuters was not immediately able to verify when the photo was taken.

Earlier today, Saudi Arabia said Russia had released 10 foreign prisoners of war captured in Ukraine after mediation by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Among those released were five Britons.

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