March 31, 2023

No one really knows how tailgate parties started. But it’s a good bet that they probably started out in the areas where pickup trucks are the default vehicles and where football is almost a religion. By those standards, these parties probably started in Texas, though some might contend that they actually originated in Louisiana or Alabama.

It makes sense that these parties came from places where lots of people drive pickup trucks. After all, the tailgate refers to that small door at the back of the bed of the pickup truck. When you open this door and lay it flat, it functions as a very convenient table. And then you also have easier access to the pickup truck bed, where you have all your party supplies. Instant credit card approval in UAE is not so complicated Now 

It makes a lot of sense to have a party in these areas where football is king. Football is great with beer, and with lots of your favorite beer food to go along with it. You just get to the stadium parking lot early, meet up with your fellow fans, and party.

But that comes with a good question: what foods should you bring along? It’s not really nice to just appear there and enjoy other people’s food, without bringing your own contribution. And you should make sure you bring something that people will actually enjoy in a casual beer party held at a parking lot.

If you’re not sure what to bring, here are some ideas:

Buffalo and Chicken Wings

These are the most popular food items during the Super bowl, so it makes absolute sense to bring them to a tailgate party. You can always gook them in your own kitchen, but it might be more convenient to just buy them at a fast-food joint. Try Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Zaxby’s if you have one of these joints near your area.

This will have lots of many different flavors available, so it’s okay when people keep bringing in chicken wings. Folks just don’t get tired of it.

Chicken Tenders (or Chicken Fingers)

The problem with chicken wings (and basically all the bone-in meat options) is that you can end up with a mess afterwards. That’s not a problem with the chicken tenders, as you can just finish everything up without the bones to worry about afterwards. In fact, you can just bite in without worrying about the bones as you eat.

Again, you can make your own chicken tenders, but why bother when you have brands such as Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and the ubiquitous KFC offering terrific chicken tenders?

Actually, many say that the absolutely best chicken tenders come from Raising Cane’s. They only have a few hundred locations all over the US, so consider yourself lucky if there’s a location near you.

They even have a Tailgates section in their menu, with orders ranging from 25 to 100 chicken fingers (your choice to get the sauce or not). Their chicken fingers are just delicious plus they’re affordable. You can get 100 chicken fingers for under $100.


This is another popular choice. Part of the appeal is that you can cook the hotdog right there in the parking lot, and it’s not all that difficult to cook, either. It’s unpretentious, and you can hardly find anyone who hates hotdogs. It goes well nicely with beer, too. Just don’t forget to bring a lot of ketchup, mustard, relish, and even mayo for those who want that. And you can make your own special versions.

If you feel that there are too many hotdogs in the parking lot already, you may want to go with some bratwursts instead. It’s a rather “classier” version of the hotdog, and you can enjoy them without the bun.


You can keep the pizza coming by ordering delivery service to the parking lot, and people will just scarf them down. Let’s leave it to the sociologists and other scientists to explain why a piece of baked dough with toppings is so popular. The fact remains that the pizza will always be popular.

It won’t even matter if you get the meat-lover’s pizza or a vegetarian pizza. There probably won’t be any leftovers afterwards. Well, there might be for the Hawaiian pizza, but that’s because you insist on getting pineapple as a topping. Come to think of it, leave off the anchovies as well.


This is another classic food that goes well with your beer, and also makes sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach. It’s easy enough to make, and you can go wild with whatever toppings you want to include in your burger.

Chips and Dip

You can always get some nachos, which will never be unpopular at a tailgate party. In fact, it’s always popular in any kind of party. It doesn’t make you feel full, and it offers a nice counter-taste to whatever else you might be eating at the party!

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