December 8, 2022

Pinterest is the home to weirdly easy DIY guides that look too good to be true. How many times have you looked at a DIY project like,’’ Hey, I can do that!” The answer is probably too many times to count.

Home decor is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. Countless sketchy-looking DIY ideas do nothing but waste your time and resources making something impossible to make. That being said, here are some of the best (and not sketchy) DIY ideas to create your next home decor piece:

A tire swing

This is absolutely perfect for you if you have children in the house. Used dirt bikes tires, car tires, bike tires, etc. are all suitable for this project. Bicycle tires may even work for little children who weigh quite a little.

To make a tire swing, you need to attach two strong ropes to a tire and suspend it from a strong holder like a strong branch or something. It would be appropriate to create some sort of soft seating with some cloth and fluff.

Creating a proper seat leaves little room for child injuries. 

Cement pots

A while ago, people began pouring cement into silicon molds of different shapes and sizes. They ended up with adorable-looking pots to either display jewelry on the vanity table or grow baby plants in them.

Cement pots are customizable with paint and super easy to make once you read the instructions on the cement bag clearly. Don’t over-mix the cement, let it dry completely before freeing the subject from its mold, and get as creative as possible! After all, it’s your cement pot and you do what you like with it.

Fairy lights gallery

If you’ve been on any social media in the last month, you’ve probably seen pictures of a really pretty bedroom with a fairy lights display. The display has pictures clipped on it. This is by far the easiest picture gallery to make.

Just order good quality lights, print out some of your best memories and get some wooden cloth pins. Your room will instantly look better to you with a bright display depicting your favorite memories. It is certainly one of the best DIYs you can make as an absolutely beginner.

Macrame wall art

One of the easiest art involving wires to learn is macrame. Macrame is done by tying a number of strings on a log and using knots and twists to make a lovely design. Using multicolored yarn or ropes helps add a great pop of color to your existing room.

Countless macrame project inspirations are available on Pinterest. All you have to do is pick a color and design away!


Home decor is one of the hardest DIY projects for beginners but some of them are such that they are really hard to mess up. When you have a clear goal in mind regarding what you are making, it is even harder to ruin a perfectly good DIY project.

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