May 30, 2023
Bad Breath

Bad breath? You must be hating it as everyone does. When you talk to a person who experiences bad breath it is the most difficult thing to talk to him. Even, if you yourself are also experiencing bad breath, you will always remain uncomfortable all the time.

In medical terms, we use the word halitosis for bad breath. It is among the common problems that most people get or experience from time to time. Sometimes, bad breath is only just for some minutes but sometimes it stays for days. After eating onions or garlic or any other strong food like them, your breaths will be smelly.

Just don’t ask how much smelly, you can just imagine if you don’t eat garlic or onions. Last night, I just ate some pieces of onions that were included in the salad. After finishing the meal, my mouth was smelling like an onion. How many tricks and ways I did to get rid of the onion smell you can just hardly count. For instance, drinking a lot of water and brushing the teeth were the easiest ways to get rid of this smell.

As mentioned above, sometimes, bad breath does not go away for several weeks. According to the best dentist in Lahore, bad breath lasting for several weeks can indicate that your oral health is just very bad. Sometimes, many other health conditions can also lead to bad breath. These problems can be severe and include several types of infections.

Some dentists explain that bad breath sometimes is a symptom of some health issues. In some cases, bad breath can be a warning symptom from the body. Finding the core reason for bad breath is the first step to treating this problem.

Causes of Bad Breath

Here are some core and basic causes of bad breath in many people that can make you uncomfortable for several weeks:

  1. Food is the Major Reason

As mentioned above, eating garlic and onions can increase foul odor in the mouth. Similarly, eating other foods can also increase the chances of smelling from the mouth. The breakdown of these food particles around your teeth increases the growth of bacteria around the teeth and gums. Increasing growth of bacteria in the mouth can lead to a bad smell.

Even, after digesting these foods, there can be effects on your breath. Don’t you know about that? When you digest any food, they start entering your bloodstream. After entering the bloodstream, the body carries them to the lungs and that’s how they affect your breaths.

Therefore, next time be careful in the selection of foods for your regular eating routine because they will likely tend to affect the quality of your breaths. In addition, if you want to keep your breaths fresh and smell-free, then make it your habit to brush your teeth after eating lunch or dinner. Otherwise, you can also gargle mouthwash or saltwater to not let the bacteria grow in the mouth.

  1. Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can affect anyone anytime. When this condition, dry mouth, appears, bacteria grow in the mouth. Because when you drink these bacteria reduce. While experiencing dry mouth, drinking water does not help for a long time.

This problem is a key or major reason for halitosis. Due to a dry mouth, the production of saliva also reduces and your mouth becomes unable to clean itself. The inability of the mouth to clean itself makes it hard to remove the particles that are left in the mouth.

However, if a dry mouth is a reason for halitosis or bad breath, then a dry mouth is also a reason for many health conditions. For instance, salivary gland disorders as well as the use of some medications can also lead to this problem.

However, while experiencing dry mouth or bad breath due to this problem, then try to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth.

  1. Poor dental Hygiene

Don’t ask how much you hate when a person who does not brush his teeth in the morning talks to you. If a person is sitting beside you in the office or seat while traveling, his smelly breaths make you really uncomfortable.

If a person or you don’t adopt the habit to brush your teeth every day, then bacteria and mouth particles will remain in the mouth and they will lead to really bad breath. Due to this habit of not brushing your teeth a layer (plaque) will build up on your teeth.

If you don’t brush your teeth for a long time, then this plaque can irritate and damage your teeth and gums in a bad way and cause a number of oral problems that will also cause bad breath. 

In addition, the inability to brush your teeth will also make your tongue catch bacteria that produce odors.

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