December 8, 2022
GRE argumentative essay

GRE argumentative essay

Glad to know that you have decided to get admission to a Graduate School. A Graduate School will give you the opportunity to enlighten your thoughts and finally come out as an educated man/woman. It not only helps you excel in your own field, but you will also observe 180 º shifts in your approach to seeing the world. But, you have to pass GRE (graduate record examination) to get admission to a graduate school. It is better to take the GRE test as an opportunity to learn new skills instead of taking it as an academic burden. In this article, we will tell you some ways to improve your GRE argumentative essay writing skills. GRE argumentative essay is a part of the analytical writing assessment section of the GRE test. Let’s discuss how you can master the argumentative skills of essay writing while preparing for the GRE test.

GRE argumentative essay: A brief introduction

GRE argumentative essay is a type of essay that asks a student to change their perspectives on a given issue. Unlike other argumentative tasks, it does not ask students to decide on a position and proves or validates his/her side. Rather, it directs them to read a paragraph or argumentative passage and discuss gaps or unproven facts. Thus, the main task to do in GRE argumentative essays is to identify the flaws in someone else’s arguments and give reasons to prove that an identified flaw is really a gap that needs to close by another solid argument.

Best strategies that a student must consider while writing a GRE argumentative essay:

The first thing to understand about the GRE test is that it comprises different parts, each aiming to access different abilities. When someone opens a laptop’s screens on the test day, the first thing that appears is the analytical writing part that also includes a section, namely ‘GRE argumentative essay’. Remember, it allows you to spend only 30 minutes; after that, the section will close automatically. In these 30 minutes, you have to spend time reading someone else’s argument, identifying the flaws, and brainstorming concrete reasoning to support your claim. Thus, to excel in these tasks, you can seek help from standard essay writing guides that can be provided by essay writing services. Additionally, the following are some top strategies that may be helpful for you in writing a GRE argumentative essay within 30 minutes.

Disagree with the argument

It is a must as your disagreement with an author’s argument will help you decide on your own topic of discussion. Remember, in GRE argumentative task, there is always a wrong statement or answer that you must identify, even with a single glance.

To disagree, you must pick some points in an author’s argument:

This faulty point of argument serves as the thesis of your essay. Even you can use the identified gaps directly in your essay outline. Being confined to such wrong statements will help you logically connect ideas in your essay. 

Move with the needles of the clock

Proactive and valiant behavior is important, especially if you want a good score to secure admission to a graduate school. Remember, the clock is ticking, and you must increase your speed to handle the task effectively. It’s better to attempt a few mock tests before the final examination and learn how to manage an argumentative essay writing task in just 30 minutes. 

Make an outline and start writing

Though you run out of time, you still spend some minutes on making an effective outline. It seems as if making an outline will waste your quality time, but believe me, it aims to speed up the writing phase. An effective outline can never let your fingers stop typing at any point. Thus, you must quickly start writing after making a vein diagram or outline.

Try to close your identified flaws with another strong argument:

This is the point that helps you score good marks. While marking your GRE argumentative essay, the examiner pays special attention to judge how effectively you close the identified gaps. The use of strong evidence, concrete assertions, examples, and facts or figures is among the top strategies that ensure high marks in GRE analytical writing section.

Proofread and submit:

How much time you spend on proofreading does not matter. However, how effectively you proofread an essay matters a lot. Thereby, before clicking the submitting button, you must make sure your essay is error-free.

Final thoughts:

In a nutshell, the GRE test is offered to students who want to reserve a seat in graduate school. GRE types argumentative essay writing approach is a bit different from other types of essay writing tasks. Here, you need to first find flaws in the given argument to decide the thesis for your own argument. In the end, if you really want to succeed, you must learn time management tricks to complete the task within 30 minutes.

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