November 28, 2022
Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools

Teamwork is the best way to complete a project in the recent era of the business industry. There is a need for multiple collaboration, skills, and resources to complete a task. It is impossible with the individualistic approach. Project management tools are the best source to interact with team members and manage project activities. Due to the complex tasks and a high number of employees, it is difficult to manage the project with manual tools. Management and Information Technology (IT) experts develop different project management tools. These are effective in every stage of project management and storing information.

Project management tools effectively provide information in a time of need and manage team performance. Various tools are effective in project management which are available in IT software. Work breakdown structure, network diagrams, and mind maps are some traditional tools that are possible without IT software. Different project management tools can work online and contain all these conventional features in a new way. Click, and Asana are some important IT software PM tools that are innovative and vital to use in project completion. If you are a project leader or a member of project management and seeking some good PM tools, then you are in the right place. This article provides a complete guide related to project management tools stages and things to look at in a project management tool.

Stages of Project Management

There are five stages in project management that assist the project leader to manage the activities and work within a given deadline. Different tasks and information are needed at every step to complete the project effectively. According to experts in assignment writing services, the following are the stages of project management in which tools of management are important and applicable.


It is the first stage in which the idea is presented with relevant information. This stage of project management provides information on stakeholders and set goals and agreements. This thing helps in defining the scope of the project and the need for resources.


Planning is the second stage in project management that is based on project planning. It helps in keeping the aim and objectives clear and smart. It also provides a guideline to set goals that are achievable. The planning stage is also important to make a budget and allocate responsibilities. It clears the role of every member in project management and the need for sources. In this way, it makes the effective use of project management tools in the completion of a task.


It is the first practical stage to execute the plan with smart and clear goals. This stage provides the allocation of resources with the help of different project management tools. The project manager and the team manage the resources according to the need and deadlines. Execution ensures the production of products and processes in this step of project management. It also resolves all issues that emerge due to any case of project execution.

Monitoring and Controlling

It is a technical stage to measure the performance of the project and employees comrades to set goals. This stage evaluates the efforts of team members in project completion and cost. It helps in monitoring the current progress of the project. The controlling step assists the project leader to connect the progress with the plan. It monitors every distraction of the project with project management tools and handles the situation.


Closing or completion is the last stage in project management that compare the progression with the plan. It helps to prepare documents and hand over the resources to the company or owner. In this way, this stage provides the detailed results of project completion.

What should I Look for in a Project Management Tool?

If you are going to manage a project, then there is a great need to look at various features and the effectiveness of project management tools. Without looking at the need for project and tool feasibility, it is tough to meet the set goals of the project. The followings are some important points that should a project leader look at before selecting a tool.    

  • Friendly use and graphics
  • Easy to install
  • Accessible
  • Manage performance
  • Cost estimation
  • Graphs and Work breakdown
  • Effective communication
  • Meet the set goals
  • Enable to save documents and calculations

Examples of Project Management Tools

Project management tools are the ways that help in resolving project issues. These are also effective to complete a project in each framework. Teamwork and collaboration are the most important tools compared to IT tools. Gantt charts and network diagrams are also the best examples of project management tools. There are many tools that project leaders are using to adhere to work with the plan. Click up, Wrike and Asana are the best examples of project management tools.

Project Management Tools

It is the best way to select a tool to manage the project from an expert point of view. There are four important project management tools that are mostly recommendable by project management experts. Following is the detail of these four tools.

Click Up

It is the most advanced IT tool to manage project-related activities. Click Up has a friendly use dashboard that is available in different views. It is effective to develop a Gantt chart, cost, and financial reports. Also, it provides to assign tasks and overview the different comments on tasks. It provides reminders for events and different types of charts to present the project data.


Asana is one of the second-most recommendable project management tools by experts. It has a friendly user interface and visuals to click and get relevant information. It provides a place to communicate group. Asana is effective to develop a timeframe and managing events with a calendar. It provides the facility to share and saves files by connecting with other project management tools.


Workzone is a simple project management tool that is effective to use for all members. It provides a way of smooth collaboration among groups on a project. Also, it provides different reports on project and employee performance. It also indicates the time management for every task to complete the project within the given deadline.


Wrike is an effective web-based IT tool for project management that focuses on the analytics of the project. It provides the report and performance charts of project members. This tool is enabled to compare different employees’ performance with each other and project plan. 


Project Management tools are effective ways to complete a project in the modern business world. These are important to reduce human errors and generate reports on the employee’s performance. All the stages and issues are easy to manage with these tools and complete a project effectively.

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