December 8, 2022
Seint Discount Code

Andrea, one of my closest friends, was the one who first told me about Seint Beauty. She is a fellow beauty enthusiast and used to work for an esthetician before becoming a stay-at-home mom. We became fast friends over our shared enthusiasm for pilates, cosmetics, and all things feminine and attractive.

When I heard she was joining the Seint roster of artists, I knew I had to give them a listen. I looked into many sources, including the company’s official Instagram and those of other related artists, as well as Google reviews, Pinterest, and YouTube. To be fair, the vast majority of the evaluations I saw written by active Seint artists and Seint vendors; the only reviews written by non-sellers a couple of blog pieces.

Those are available for your perusal here, here, and here. I was curious about the colour matching and application process of the cream-based foundation, so I sent a text to Andrea asking for further information.

Andrea praised the adaptability of Seint Discount Code as one of its many virtues. The item is versatile enough to use both regularly and for exceptional occasions. The highlighter (foundation) can have varying levels of coverage depending on the brush and the amount applied. Seint is all about using a combination of highlighter, contour, lip and cheek colour, and illuminator to create a natural, dewy appearance.

Seint Highlight Shades

When Andrea finished with her contour, lip and cheek colour, bronzer, and illuminator, I couldn’t believe how radiant and natural I looked. Not even the fluorescent lights could ruin the presentation. Even in the bright sunlight reflected in the rearview mirror of my automobile, everything looked amazing. I went about my day, and then by the end of the night, it still looked fantastic. The shock was all the worse for me because we hadn’t bothered with setting spray and setting powder. The cream-based recipe did not make my skin feel greasy, and I did not have any allergic responses to it.

The other highlight shade I wanted to buy was sold out, but I still went ahead and bought the IIID brush, a contour palette, a blush, an illuminator, and a highlighter. I received a complimentary magnetic palette with my order of four tins. I received it in a matter of days, and I was eager to put it to use.

My go-to highlighter shade was temporarily out of stock, but I was able to make do with others. The contour, lip + cheek, and illuminator can used on their own or with other products if you’re not quite ready to commit to a cream-based foundation. The cream’s consistency and buildability won me over, so I stalked their Seint website until it went back in stock, at which point I bought it plus the cream bronzer.

Since my skin is dry, I can only use cream makeup. Loose powder can used to set makeup for those with normal, combination, or oily complexion, or for those who prefer to use it in the warmer, sweatier months. Or, you could use a setting spray, which is another option I enjoy.

Build Your Own Palette


  • Main Highlight – White Peach
  • Moonlight is a shining example
  • Olive Contour
  • Similar to Nars Orgasm, this lip and cheek colour is a Hollywood staple.
  • Rose-Golden Illuminator
  • “Bella” Bronzer

Tips and Tricks

  • The magnetic tins of makeup are designed to be used with a magnetic palette. I wish I had gotten IIID 8, which holds at least 8 tins, instead of IIID 4, which only holds 4. The four is convenient to toss into a purse for touch-ups, however, I have six tins and they won’t fit.
  • Have a good cleansing routine and use some lotion to keep your skin supple.
  • You should let your moisturiser dry for a few minutes before adding makeup.
  • In extreme cold, you can either warm the palette and tins between your hands or give them a little burst with your hair dryer on low setting, or you can apply the cream straight on your skin with your fingers & wait a minute for it to warm up on your skin while blending with a brush. Imagine it’s like butter: at room temperature, it’s much easier to work with.
  • Try to stay away from primers that contain silicone if you use one. Sometimes silicone is too sticky and won’t mix well.
  • Even if you don’t need an artist to place an order through their website, they will be happy to help you choose the perfect hues. The website doesn’t provide a tonne of colour information, making it difficult to select colours on your own.
  • You may use Lip + Cheek as a blush or lip colour (obviously), but it can be drying on the lips, so I recommend applying a lip mask or balm first. The biting agave lip mask is wonderful.

I brought my entire make-up arsenal, including my Seint palette, baby eyeshadow pallet, lipstick, and mascara, in a separate tiny bag inside my diaper bag when we visited our respective families for the holidays. Everything I needed to appear presentable was in my diaper bag, so I never bothered with my other cosmetics. Okay, I admit it: I’m hooked.

Seint IID Make-Up Review

The IIID makeup from Seint Beauty is fantastic. The cream-based application was really effective for my skin type. You can construct on top of it, and you can alter it to your liking. There are not many components to this. They don’t identify as clean beauty, but I have no problems with the substances they utilise. Seint doesn’t hide anything about what goes into its products. They don’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients like parabens or gluten or animal testing.

Brushes by Seint are works of art. They’re two brushes in one, however, you can’t store them upright due to their design. You can use them with any brand of makeup you like, but if I were to use Seint products, I wouldn’t be without their brushes.


Instead of receiving a “free” palette dependent on the number of tins you purchase, customers of Seint now receive credit towards the purchase of any size palette. Customers who only bought 4 cans at a time kept receiving complimentary, small palettes than larger ones. The one drawback is that unused credit can’t save. There’s no way around spending it on that item.

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