March 21, 2023

At vn88 website chinh thuc has captured the general trend of players. Therefore, the system has pioneered the application of high-tech payment methods for loyal agents. From there, players who place bets at the dealer’s dealer will have the experience of Anonymous – Safe and Convenience by encrypting USDT (ERC20) coins (Crypto).

How to update e-wallets for reseller accounts at Vn88

Although the deposit form (Crypto) USDT (ERC20) will be quite new at today’s bookmakers, updating the USDT wallet is quite simple. The agent will take the same steps as updating the bank account.

Go to My Account to Account information: Bank account holder’s name: must match your account registration name

Bank account number: in Fill 123

Bank Address: Must enter your receiving USDT (ERC20) wallet address

Once the agent has updated the bank account information and also the crypto wallet, the agent will need to note two points as follows: The two times are from the 1st to the 6th and also from the 16th to the 21st. On this day of the month, the agent will not be able to update the bank information and the crypto wallet. If the agent wants to change the account, it will need to be done at the right time – before the last day of the current month. The method is quite simple, just contact the Reseller support to get confirmation of that month’s commission subscription.


With quite specific and detailed information above, players should cooperate with Vn88 and find new customers, grow stronger together. Sign up for vn88 (dang ky vn88 nhan 50k) now to experience and earn more.

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