March 21, 2023
a image of Pakistan is subsidiary of COPHC
A fast-growing start-up in Hong Kong. Regional office registered in Pakistan on May 16, 2013, COPHC. An overseas Chinese holding company

Pakistan’s economic performance has greatly improved in recent years. This reflects the strong commitment and serious initiatives. The Government of Pakistan and its people. The opening of the Gwadar deep sea port aims to boost Pakistan’s economic. It growth in the coming decades and beyond. Gwadar has great potential from all angles and dimensions. for all types of business activities. It was a deep sea port and from its location became a gateway and hub for trade and commerce around the world. As it supports all kinds of international business activities. from one company to another. regardless of size, shape or size COPHC Pakistan is a subsidiary of COPHC.

Gwadar International Terminal Ltd

A fast-growing start-up in Hong Kong. Regional office registered in Pakistan on May 16, 2013, COPHC. An overseas Chinese holding company. Acquires control of Gwadar Port and the recently developed Free Zone for 40 years. Central Asia especially Pakistan. COPHC has diverse interests in the maritime and logistics sectors. and has the following subsidiaries: Gwadar International Terminal Ltd. Jawda Marine Services Company Limited Guadar Free Zone Company Limited Gwadar, the door to the wind has great potential to grow as a gateway to Pakistan’s economy. The convergence of three of the world’s most important trading regions. The oil-rich Middle East resource-rich Central Asia and the growth potential of South Asia. has led to the growth of global trade which port is suitable Strategic location in Gwadar.

Boost trade in the region

Gwadar Port located on the Arabian Sea coast in western Baluchistan. It is a strategic port that will surely boost trade in the region. The port located off the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Close to major shipping routes carrying oil, dry bulk. and bulk cargo. and more than 17 million barrels per day of containers east. The port borders the emerging economies of India and Southeast Asia. The port forms an economic corridor between Pakistan and China. Connect all major markets of Pakistan. and eventually expanding to neighboring China, Iran, Afghanistan. and other CAR domestic markets. Pakistan and Beyond Gwadar Gateway to China-Korea Economic Corridor Strategic location near the province of Hormuz. The potential top-up center of the Mothership.

Development Facilitator

Gateway to cross-border trade in the landlocked Central Asian Republic (CAR) and Afghanistan. Mining Development Facilitator for Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan and Pakistan An economic port for transporting oil and gas from the oil-rich Gulf region to western China. It is the closest port city to western China. (Xinjiang is 4,500 km from China’s east coast and only 2,395 km from Gwadar.) It supports Chinese exports to the EU, US and Persian Gulf markets. Good choice for local ports The area where the curves are the widest and the ditch is the shortest.

Well-planned Free Zone

It is supporte by a large, well-planned Free Zone. and EPZ (Export Processing Zone) and several commercial zones great potential in tourism-free zone facility The largest free zone with an area of more than 923 hectares. It includes customs warehousing, manufacturing, international purchasing, logistics, and distribution. cross border transportation product display and support services. (sales, customs finance, information, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, medical, etc.)included can do office .) It is supporte by a large, well-planned Free Zone. and EPZ (Export Processing Zone) and several commercial zones

Deep Sea Ports Are Exploring Global Opportunities

Gwadar Port is a warm water deep water port located on the Arabian Sea. At Gwadar in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province. Gwadar Port is the epitome of maritime excellence. It is about 533 km from Karachi and 120 km from the Iranian border and 380 km northeast of Oman across the Arabian Sea. The port of Gwadar located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. outside the Strait of Hormuz Experience the main shipping routes in and out of the Persian Gulf. It lies on the eastern bay of a natural hammer-shaped peninsula.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

That stretches from the coastline into the Arabian Sea. COPHC Attends China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Energy Forum press release China’s National Energy Administration and Pakistan’s Ministry of Energy. And Water held the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Energy Summit in Lahore on August 3-4. Gwadar chairman Zhang baozong made a speech on a special topic. And he stressed the necessity and urgency of the entire Gwadar region. Its to build Gwadar Port. Gwadar Free Zone and even Gwadar Electric Power Plant. Gwadar Electric will receive a resolution soon. and this resolution issued to the relevant authorities. as ordered by the Prime Minister.

Green Palms Housing Projec

Green Palm Gwadar Overseas District Biggest Investment Opportunity in Gwadar Buy land with 4.5 year repayment in the best located community in Gwadar. About Green Palm Guadar The Overseas District Green Palms Housing Project is the residential and commercial phase of Gwadar. due to its prime location. The project became the first choice of our clients. The Makran Coastal Highway and 1km in front on Kahn Avenue, Green Palms Housing Project. It is minutes away from the Central Business District, Marine Drive, downtown Gwadar. And New Gwadar International Airport. Overseas District is The ideal place for quality living in Gwadar. For Pakistanis looking to buy land in Gwadar. This is a great opportunity to provide.

Overseas development work

A standard lifestyle of international standards with high-end facilities. Overseas development work is underway. The Overseas District offers a new dimension of high living standards. with residential and commercial plots of various sizes. The opportunity to experience quality living in a mixed-use community. with all the amenities and exceptionally well-organized security. and maintenance systems make life comfortable. and peaceful Some of the facilities are the Grand Mosque. That community clubs, schools, nursing homes and nursing homes.

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