March 21, 2023
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Gwadar people surrounded on the pretext of security. and on behalf of the safe city of Gwadar. we ask the politicians economist or planner

Gwadar people surrounded on the pretext of security. and on behalf of the safe city of Gwadar. we ask the politicians economist or planners. what they say about the city siege to protect Chinese investment. Citizens of Gwadar must hear this first. On December 27, 2020, not only the people of Gwadar. but also the people of surrounding areas including Ormara, Jiwani and Pishukan gathered under the banner of the movement. Pakistan Democracy (PDM) in Gwadar to protest against the barbed wire fence of Gwadar.

Better by building the port

Gwadar People remember the time when General Musharraf visited Gwadar in 2005. and promised that anyone living in Gwadar would see their lives changed for the better by building the port. Gwadar in the future however. today they see a fence that will divide. the population of Gwadar and limit the free movement of people in the name of development. He said they cheated in the name of development. and that the basic human rights of free movement were being violated. One of the speakers said they agreed with the government on everything for a better future. But they disagreed with the fence.

People to develop the free zone

Local neighbor Kohane Mulla Bandh moved to provide land for the port. And the people agreed. Gordani and Darbela land for Gwadar airport sold to the government at a very cheap price. and people said nothing. Even another piece of Docedur Mohallawas taken from the people to develop the free zone. and give it to the people. But now they are demanding too much. To want to put a fence separating them and their relatives. is unacceptable.

Upgrade highways Quetta-Karachi

A public-private partnership mode to upgrade highways Quetta-Karachi parallel. The fence saw as an attack on local relations. Part of the dust settled on the fence and the other did not. One participant asked if the treacherous dust dwellers. It had to whisper from one side of the fence to the other. Another asked if we needed a certificate of objection. to visit our relatives living in Gwadar. Gwadar protests.

Baluchistan stands up for its rights

6 checkpoints before immigration is not enough, need more fences? He said if asked what we want, just say we don’t want security but we need water, food and employment for the fishermen. The PDM at Gwadar, a participant of the Grand People’s Jirga. skeptically asked if the development of Gwadar was for business and investment? There is no market and the market is not considered free. and why do you need to surround the city. and restricted public access to the market. Pakistan has many groups. Both races and religions suffer from political neglect and government indifference. Especially in the province of Baluchistan.

Demands of the local population in Gwadar

the local people who oppose Islamabad and Rawalpindi are often not voiced. For fear of brutal repression or a media shutdown. however, an exception appears to have made in December 2021. When the government accepted and agreed to some of the demands of the local population in Gwadar. This should not seen as a turning point in the government’s sympathies towards its citizens. But it is a clear indication of the Pakistani government’s sympathy. towards the Chinese people and their pockets.

Protests erupt in Gwadar Baluchistan state

With local residents demanding better rights and well-being. the Gwadar Ko Haq Do (or Give Gwadar Its Right) movement saw thousands of women, men and young children march through the city’s main streets. which is the location of The ‘precious jewel’ of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar port holds anti-state government slogans. Protesters have many demands. including better access to electricity and education. Removing unnecessary inspection posts and action with. The ‘trolley mafia’ is destroying the livelihoods of local fishermen in coastal towns.

The events in Gwadar illustrat

A month after the protests began. the Baluchistan government promised to implement the measures demanded by the protesters. causing protest leaders to end their sit-ins. While the state often dismisses civil society demonstrations as anti-state. In Gwadar no other movement has experienced a similar situation. Prime Minister Imran Khan described their demands. as ‘valid’ and swiftly complied with them.

The events in Gwadar illustrate two main points. The first is that these are side effects of Pakistan believes. that building CPEC and using a modern port in Gwadar. It will mean economic resilience and job creation. It sold just like any other country.

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