March 21, 2023
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Gwadar Civil Rights Protests Continue in Gwadar Threatening Pakistan's Belt and Road Resurgence As Gwadar Protests Continue

larablog articlelength Gwadar Civil Rights Protests Continue in Gwadar Threatening Pakistan’s Belt. and Road Resurgence As Gwadar Protests Continue. Leaders of a local rights movement in Pakistan’s coastal city of Gwadar are threatening to hold a mass rally this week. This could hurt government efforts to revitalize development around China-controlled ports. Gwadar is a key site of China’s Belt and Road infrastructure efforts in Pakistan. Collectively known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). development has slowed during the conflict between. the two governments under former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The resentment simmered for years

Marine resources

They say Islamabad is depleting its marine resources. with thousands of illegal fishing trawlers from abroad and other parts of Pakistan. inadequate water and electricity and a barrier to illegal trade across the Gwadar Protest border with Iran. but could not address their concerns. In this stressful environment A knowledgeable priest. from a family of fishermen has made a name for himself as a protector of a community of about 100,000 residents. He now appears poised to support new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s efforts to boost Gwadar’s development. and CPEC. Gwadar Ko Haq Do Tehreek (Gwadar Rights Movement) leader Molana Hidayat ur Rehman. He has announced a mass protest since Thursday.

Strategic ports

At a press conference in the northern city of Quetta. Rahman said the meeting would last indefinitely. It accused the government of violating its promises to him on deep-sea trawl fishing and other issues.
He preached for a month outside the gates of the port city of Gwadar. In which Gwadar Protest thousands of people gathered. Rahman wants the government to stop deep sea trawling from Gwadar. Informal border trade supports livelihoods. It reduces the number of outposts and allows fishermen. to work near strategic ports. including other claims many more at the local level. They threatened to close the port if their demands were not met.

A strong reaction across the state

When asked if the authorities might try to stop him by arresting him, Rahman told local media in Quetta that “I have public support. and if i get caught [Before the protests started] there would be a strong reaction across the state.” Baluchistan. experts say If Rehman’s Gwadar protests continue, it could disrupt activity at the port. And that would be a bad vision for CPEC in Pakistan, where China has invested billions of dollars. Sharif alone visited Gwadar twice in June. This shows the determination to develop this city. As his underfunded government steps in to help Beijing.

Concession to demand

The disruption will create additional headaches, especially after Sharif’s new government ran into trouble again this past weekend. When Khan’s party won a landmark election in the country’s most populous state of Punjab. Quetta political analyst Rasheed Baloch told Nikki Asia that Rehman’s seats would disrupt traffic in and out of the port, which would include “VIP movements in Gwadar. Bloch said Rehman knew the “threat to shut down the port of Gwadar” was a card he could play to draw. “Concession to demand, Concession to demand

Gwadar is central

We see a possible opposition to Rahman’s efforts. Which is well known to the locals as Molana. to show himself as the city’s most popular leader. It paves the way for larger political goals.
Nazir Rahim Sohrabi, Chairman of the Rural Community Development Council told Nikkei. that Rahman will use the upcoming Gwadar protests to strengthen his political group’s stance. A large number of candidates backed by Rahman won seats in May’s local government elections. Bloch also said the same thing: “Last year, Rahman’s Gwadar protests were a relief to Gwadar residents. And now he wants to perform again to garner public sympathy. Baloch suggested that Rehman aimed to consolidate. the Gwadar protest rights movement as the most powerful political force in Baluchistan’s Makran. The division, a coastal region home to Chinese.

Interests in southwestern Pakistan.

Background interviews with several people in Gwadar. The suggest that Rahman is likely to continue. protesting until the government gives him what he wants. Those close to the government rejected Rahman’s claim. that the protests were in the interests of the people. Aslam Bhutani, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. argued that “Since I took office in 2018, I am confiden.t that all of Gwadar’s key issues will be resolved.

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