January 27, 2023
company registration consultant

larablog articlelength Entrepreneurs might have a better business plan/model. They also might have innovative products/services to sell. However, they might not know how to start a new company. Starting a new company in India or any other country is not as easy as it seems. There are many procedures to follow for creating a new business, from company registration to acquiring an employer license. Even current business owners get confused with the company registration rules. For the same, entrepreneurs rely on company registration consultant. Read on to understand the significant advantages of partnering with a company registration advisor. 

Reserve your company name 

There is a process for every company to declare its name. First, business owners must apply to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to reserve a company name. On the Ministry of Corporate Affairs official website, there is an e-form SPICe+ available. Part A of the same form is used to reserve a company’s name. A company registration advisor will help business owners and entrepreneurs fill out the application form and secure the company’s name. For incorporating a new company, two company names are forwarded to the ministry in their order of preference. 

Sometimes, the name a company wants might be already taken. In such a case, the entrepreneur or the business owner has to obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the existing companies with the same name. With a company registration advisor, business owners don’t have to worry about obtaining a NOC. A company registration advisor will try their best to get the desired company name approved. 

Ignore legal hassles 

There are several rules for incorporating a new company in India. The license might be cancelled if the regulatory authorities find anyone ignoring the company registration rules. Business plans might be shattered as the company registration might be cancelled. Many entrepreneurs unintentionally ignore the registration laws and repent later. Several applications are submitted for starting a new company in India. If there are mistakes in the registration applications, the company will be stopped from incorporation. A registration advisor can help you fill out the applications accurately. To avoid any legal hassles during the registration of a new company, company registration consultants are required.

Submit the incorporation application 

After a company name is approved, the incorporation application is submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Part B of the e-form SPICe+ is used as the company incorporation form. There are several details in the company incorporation form. A company registration advisor will help you file all the details in the company incorporation form accurately. The advisor will ensure that there are no chances for the rejection of the incorporation application. After applying, the ministry will issue a “Certificate of Incorporation” to the company. One will acquire the incorporation certificate without any hassle with the help of a consultant. 

In a nutshell

Are you having trouble finding a company registration advisor? One can always seek support from AKM Global for starting a new company. AKM Global has expert company registration consultants to help entrepreneurs and business owners. Seek guidance from a company registration advisor now!

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