May 29, 2023
a image of Gwadar fisher men
a Gwadar fisherman became an overnight millionaire. after catching a croaker which he sold in the local market for over 13.4 million rupees.

Jiwani, a Gwadar fisherman became an overnight millionaire. after catching a croaker which he sold in the local market for over 13.4 million rupees. According to Gwadar Pro, the fishermen caught the fish last Thursday. Weighing 48 kg, Croaker called sowa in the local fisherman’s language. They are worth no less than gold to the fishermen,”. Sahib Gul, who runs a fishing business in Karachi, told Gwadar Pro over the phone. Crocker is also known as “Kir” in the Balochi language.

Unique feature of crosiers

Gul said the crockery was once sold at very low prices and most of its hipped to Sri Lanka. “however Crockery prices have soared as local businessmen have access to markets in China. Japan and other countries around the world,” Sahib Gul said, adding that in China and Japan. Crockery soup is the food of the nobility. Dr Saifur Rahman said the unique feature of crosiers is that. Gwadar fisherman have thoracic sacs which used for medical purposes.

Fishing district north of Gwadar

“Threads made from the fish bladder used to sew the internal organs of the human body. On a warm and sunny September evening A fishing district north of Gwadar Old Town. Hundreds of young and old Gwadar fishermen gathered in. while Kuda Daet Waju representative of a local organization working for the rights of fishermen. Talking about the rights of the indigenous population. and the false promises of the government, others around him listened attentively.

Development projects in Gwadar

The audience’s attention speaks to their concerns Gwadar fisherman. and the urgency of the matters they collect. This will determine whether they will be able to provide food for their families. in the coming months and years. The rally in Duria was part of a larger protest that first began in 2018. after construction work on the East Bay Expressway began. Among othe. development projects in Gwadar, it is one of the However, since 2018. indigenous populations concerned about their rights. To live and work in their ancestral lands and the impact of development. They’re absorbable and you don’t need to remove them after using them in surgery.

Local organization working for fishermen’s rights

A local organization working for fishermen’s rights, Fishermen’s. Forum has created a Charter of Demands for Government Officials. among other needs. The breakwater, 1500 meters long and 800 meters wide, is of utmost importance. But as construction work continued, the structure was not visible. But their concerns grew more when they [Government officials] reject the tender. This delays the process. And now they throw the ball again on the pitch,” said local activist KB Firaq. “Protecting the environment” Fisherman, political worker and civil society members Members of the National Party. and the Baloch Student Organization organized a protest against the Pakistani government. granting fishing rights through permits to Chinese trawlers in Gwadar.

Fishing grounds to build Gwadar Port

On June 23, protesters said Gwadar fishermen had left their fishing grounds to build Gwadar Port. in hopes that their economic situation would improve after the port was ready. Chinese carts greatly affect their livelihoods. On June 24, media sources reported that Chinese ships stranded off the coast. Pakistan were ‘factory ships’ or commercial ships with food processors. to process and preserve food caught at sea.

Chinese fishing boats

On June 24, Pakistani media denied as unfounded reports of Chinese fishing boats. stealing Pakistani fishing resources. Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Karachi. It added that five Chinese fishing boats had sheltered from the Indian Ocean. monsoon in the port of Gwadar. The crew said that Gwadar fisherman fishing vessels that arrived in international waters in late November 2020. They were fully compliant with international waters regulations. and were not catching any illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

The deep-water port

the remote coastal city sits at the heart of the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Now valued at more than $62 billion, Gwadar has since been the main subject of debate in national and international circles. The deep-water port in the region serves as the entry point for CPEC in Pakistan. they hold Livelihoods and the environment are at risk. Gwadar has been a natural port for centuries. and fishing is an important source of food and income for local residents. About 70 percent of the region’s population belongs to fishing communities.

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