March 21, 2023
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We make the city safer for both domestic and foreign investors. Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. is introducing the latest security system at Gwadar Port

larablog articlelength We make the city safer for both domestic and foreign investors. Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. is introducing the latest security system at Gwadar Port. In this regard according to Gwadar Pro. on Monday the GPA issued a notice calling for a bid for the perimeter security system at the port of Gwadar. Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (PPRA) of Pakistan. Which is responsible for laying down the rules. and procedures for public procurement. Subsequently, companies and contractors with the necessary experience in relevant fields invited.

Gwadar Port Security Perimeter

Qualified and financially sound personnel participate. in the project titled “Gwadar Security Perimeter. and issue the required tender documents. Able to obtain tender documents with detailed requirements and Terms. And conditions are available from the Office of the Project Director at GPA Head Office. Gwadar and from GPA Camp Office Karachi. The presence of bidders or representatives. The auction will take place at Gwadar Port Authority Headquarters. Friendship Pak-China Road, Gwadar Purchasing procedures will follow. ‘One Step, Two Step Envelope’ under Rule of the Public Procurement. Rules-2004. Whereas GPA may reject all bids or proposals pursuant to PPRA Rule 33. The ‘Gwadar Port Perimeter Security System’ will be a versatile self-contained system.

Maximize security measures for Gwadar

That detects threats , and monitors and analyzes attack patterns to Gwadar Security. Baluchistan’s central and provincial governments are doing their best to ensure safety. Of investors and tourists in Gwadar under this scheme. Approximately 675 CCTV cameras will deployed to maximize security measures for Gwadar. The city of Gwadar in southwestern Pakistan sits between two perfectly curved bays. on an isthmus leading to the hammer-shaped peninsula. Gwadar lies along the Gulf of Oman. It is almost all modern historical fishing villages. Traditional fishing boats are still sailing in the blue waters. while other ships Relax on the sandy beach. that runs along the coast. sharp-sided hills and cliffs Carved in a straight line by strong winds. The name of the city translates as The “Gate of the Wind”. The towers above the vegetation that grows throughout the landscape. On the isthmus is the old city of Gwadar.

Highest-profile project of China

where fishermen and their families have lived for generations. On the peninsula, to the southeast and away from the old town’s dirt roads. dense housing and the sewage is wide open It located in the newly built harbor complex. With exquisite flooring and amazing size. Made it look like it imported from another world. and in a way it is Gwadar Security is the highest-profile project of China’s strategic investment in South Asia. A remote coastal outpost with a population of only 5,000 two decades ago. It is 470 kms away from Karachi. Pakistan’s economic center. But if all goes according to plan.

Militarily fortified

Gwadar will link western China with major shipping routes in Asia. The Chinese and Pakistani officials pushing for the plan. It have promised residents of Gwadar. that the port will bring prosperity and development to the surrounding city and region. which faced water shortages and power outages but the villagers did not believe Gwadar located in Baluchistan. A peaceful province that has a long history of armed insurgency. and conflict with the state of Pakistan. As a result, the harbor was militarily fortified and heavily fortified.

The Dissatisfaction of the local people

The surrounding area littered with checkpoints. Fueled the dissatisfaction of the local people. While foreigners are struggling to get visas to visit. Unless they travel rigorously. these actions The Pakistani Army apparently protects the port and the Chinese workers who build it. It seemed to confirm the residents’ worst fears. That is, the Gwadar Security economic benefits go to outsiders. In April 2015, China and Pakistan proposed the Wadar Plan as the flagship program of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The project was originally worth US$46 billion. Currently estimated to be worth 6.2 billion US dollars.

Foster economic growth in Asia

Although the numbers are difficult to identify. It aims to connect northern Pakistan with western China with the deep sea port of Gwadar. It stretches 3,200 kilometers through a network of railways. The roads, pipelines, power plants, and fiber-optic cables spread across Pakistan. The damaged Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan. It is undergoing expensive repairs to make it operational. Throughout the year (currently, rain or snow may impede travel completely). the coastal highway linking Gwadar and Karachi completed in 2004, reducing travel time from 48 hours to seven hours. It is nearing completion to connect the port to existing roads. China seeks to promote trade and foster economic growth in Asia and beyond.

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