March 21, 2023

larablog If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, hospitalization may be the best way to ensure your safety and get the level of treatment you need. The reasons are as follows.

articlelength You may need to be hospitalized for a short period of time for further evaluation.If safety cannot be assured without hospitalization (for example, if the person is seriously self-harming or suicidal).

There is a risk of harm to others.

There is no safe treatment at home.

If I need support that I cannot get elsewhere.

Am I entitled to inpatient treatment?

The experience of inpatient treatment is as follows

The LAHORE Psychiatric hospital where you were treated

the type of treatment you receive

How they feel about being in the hospital.

Some people like being in the hospital, others find it very difficult. Here are some notes about hospital stays.


Being able to receive different therapies and medications.

For example, qualified staff can help you if you want to hurt yourself.

You can get away from stressful experiences and problems.

You can spend the whole day there and be surrounded by people.

Possible disadvantages.

You may get bored or be forced to do activities you don’t like because you don’t know what to do.You may not have everyone around you.Family and friends are not always around.Almost all hospitals have separate rooms for men and women, but some facilities mix them during the day, which can be difficult for some people.It is not always possible to leave when you want to.If you try to leave permanently, you may be subject to the Mental Health Act (see our page on voluntary discharge for more information).

The most successful psychiatric hospitals are those that organize activities for patients, involve us in the treatment process and really take the time to listen to us, respond to our needs and have someone to talk to when we feel unwell.

How can I access this service?

Your GP, psychiatrist or other healthcare professional can refer you to a hospital if they feel you would benefit from inpatient treatment.If you decide to go to hospital, you will be treated as a voluntary patient (also called an informal patient). This means thatYou have the right to stay in and leave the hospital (within reason).If you decide to go home, you can control yourself.

Unfortunately, due to bed shortages in many areas, you will not be able to stay in the hospital even if you want to (for more information on the advantages and disadvantages of voluntary hospitalization, see the Voluntary Hospitalization page).

Will I have to be hospitalized?

If your mental health team decides that inpatient treatment is best for your safety and the safety of others, you can be admitted to a LAHORE Psychiatric hospital under the Mental Health Act (sometimes called partial hospitalization) even if you do not want to go to the hospital.For more information about conditions of seclusion and your legal rights, see the page on

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