May 30, 2023
Gaming Headphones
Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones are padded speakers that you wear over your ears to listen to the radio or recorded music or to use a phone without disturbing others.

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Most of us rely on wireless devices, whether charging our new phone or putting on earbuds for our morning commute. However, it would be best if you reconsidered your headphones. A wired headset with a headphone jack can be used with almost any device.

You can also hear your surroundings and allies clearly without worrying about charging or compatibility issues. Here, we talk about gaming headphones for all devices.

1. dsound lS31 Wireless: Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones

The dsound lS31 Wireless is an excellent gaming headset with numerous control options, but it requires some getting used to.

However, it is comfortable for long gaming sessions and has exceptional audio performance. A dual-microphone setup uses to record and transmit your voice accurately.

Unfortunately, the headset does not produce an airtight seal, which requires noise isolation. It feels very loose on the head, so that technology will work best in quiet environments.

On the plus side, the USB adapter reduces latency to a level you won’t notice, and you’ll be able to play games from your couch thanks to its strong wireless range.

2. Logitech G Pro X: Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones

This is the wired counterpart to our wireless gaming pick, and it’s a fan favorite for various reasons. The Logitech G Pro X (8/10, WIRED recommends) is a simple and elegant gaming headset technology that looks and feels more like high-quality headphones than a gaming headset.

However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Logitech’s included software not only produces resonant sound on an expansive soundstage with 7.1 surround, but it also gives you granular control over the quality of your voice.

Blue (of Blue Yeti fame) assisted in developing the included microphone and software, which together produce crystal-clear, broadcast-quality communications. The cost is also quite reasonable.

3. SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wired Headset

It took a long time, but someone finally dethroned the Arctis Pro + GameDac headphones, which had long been our favorite. So it’s no surprise that it’s the Arctis Nova Pro, SteelSeries’ new version of that headset.

This new version delivers the immersive, expansive sound and includes all of the great features we loved in the Arctis Pro, such as the included desktop DAC with a sleek little display.

In addition, it allows you to change the volume or the mix of voice, sidetone, and voice chat. Most importantly, it is extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods. The ear cups are plush and soft, blocking nearly all outside noise.

4. Logitech G735:Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones

The new Logitech G735 headset is one of my new favorite everyday headphones. It is compatible with a standard 3.5mm cable.

The included Logitech Lightspeed wireless dongle and Bluetooth. Its best feature, however, is its plush design and comfortable fit.

The headband is made of soft plush material, as are the earcups, and the whole thing is surprisingly light. They were so weak that I assumed they weren’t wireless; only dedicated wired headsets are typically this light.

Even after extended wear, they are barely noticeable on your head. There are no squeezing or sweaty ears here, just a gentle cradle and a killer sound.

Furthermore, the smooth, curved-edges design is a refreshing change from the world of black and neon gaming headphones.

5. Audeze Penrose Gaming Headphone

Planar drivers use in the Audeze Penrose. This entails suspending an ultra-thin layer of conductive film between two permanent magnetic fields.

I was floating in there! It’s fantastic. That film vibrates, producing astonishingly clear, detailed, and rich sound. For gamers, this means a whole new level of Immersion. Furthermore, the headphones work wired, and Wireless and the included (removable) boom mic sounds fantastic.


Wired headphones with headphone jacks use with almost any device. Logitech’s G Pro X looks more like high-quality headphones than a gaming headset.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro + GameDac headphones are our top pick for wired gaming headphones. Even after extended wear, these headphones are barely noticeable on your head.

There are no squeezing or sweaty ears here, just a gentle cradle and a killer sound. The smooth, curved-edges design is a refreshing change from the world of black and neon gaming headphones.

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