January 27, 2023
Rehman Habib consultants
Rehman Habib Consultants has overseen the completion of hundreds of projects with over 35 years of experience.

We are one of the leading engineering consulting firms providing engineering consulting services in Pakistan. Rehman Habib Consultants is a privately owned, independent engineering, management and development services firm. Rehman Habib Consultants has overseen the completion of hundreds of projects with over 35 years of experience. It has been selected as one of the top engineering consultants in the country.

What We Provide

Rehman Habib Consultants We provide independent expertise in engineering-related fields to government, industry, developers and other companies. Our aim is to set industry standards for service, quality, ethics, risk management, safety and above all customer care. Are you searching out a main engineering consultant? Where others fail, we reach assembly the best requirements required withinside the engineering field.

The role of construction consultants

Construction consultants and their firms assist clients in conducting effective project preparation, including evaluating costs, developing budgets, selecting contractors, managing contracts, and resolving disputes between contractors and project owners.

The role of the engineering design consultant

This is a very competitive field and our engineering design specialists are a plus for any company. Rehman Habib Consultants employs professionals with 15 years of experience in the field and we are confident that they have the expertise to handle the design of complex structures with ease.

Infrastructure and other projects such as roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railways, utilities, buildings, dams and utilities are designed, planned, constructed and managed by engineering design professionals.

The role of the project management consultant

A assignment control representative is a expert who advises different groups on assignment control. If a company lacks project management skills or needs project management guidance from an unbiased outside source, it can hire a project management firm.

The role of engineering organization

Professional engineering organizations allow engineers working in a specific technical area or who have common interests and technical knowledge to regulate professional practice, influence public policy, and influence the traditions and reputation of the profession. It is the primary channel for keeping engineering firms accountable for designing, monitoring, evaluating, supervising and completing work. Rehman Habib Consultants Infrastructure is a full service civil engineering consulting group specializing in the research, design and implementation of civil infrastructure, highway, transportation and utilities projects.

Deliver infrastructure needs

We develop, plan and deliver infrastructure needs large and small, government infrastructure from conception to completion. We provide infrastructure consulting and solutions from the vision and master planning stage to construction. By utilizing the latest technology and being at the forefront of the BIM infrastructure, we achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency in design, and deliver significant added value to our customers.

The seamless level of collaboration between our infrastructure team and many employees, from architects to master planners to sustainability experts to cost consultants, has made our services a staple that can deliver multidisciplinary projects.

Civil engineering programs

For decades, our engineered solutions have been the foundation of large-scale civil engineering programs, ensuring the success of critical infrastructure. These projects are the backbone of economic, civil and social development in many global markets. We are proud to reflect commitment to improving the quality of life, ensuring the prosperity of our communities and protecting our natural environment.

Rehman Habib Consultants engineers great about professionals. Each serves a sense of purpose and a passion for creating high-performance, resource-efficient, investment-grade infrastructure worthy of the owners and users they serve. It holds the owner’s interest in the project, including maintainability over time, technology migration, and dynamic reprogramming of sites and infrastructure as use changes. We bring our customers closer to the right answers by structuring innovations with important and impactful questions.

New technologies and man-made materials

Man-made infrastructure around the world is being disrupted by the use of new technologies and man-made materials. Together with our expert partners in the Sustainability Group, Rehman Habib Consultants uniquely addresses the harsh environmental considerations. Technical challenges of a changing climate, going well beyond natural resource conservation to operate, maintain, and repair infrastructure, including resilience.

Based on the new quality standards that came into force in September 2015. We were the first in the Middle East and the second in the world to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification. Both certifications cover master infrastructure planning, design engineering, and advisory services related to water, wastewater, environment, transportation, energy, and telecommunications.

Significant investment and comprehensive solution

Infrastructure projects require significant investment and require comprehensive solutions. That are cost-effective, efficient and sustainable and delivered in a well-managed risk environment. We offer a complete engineering design service for all types of projects, from concept to concrete solutions. Our team uses the latest technology to provide long-term green. Sustainable infrastructure design services to reduce costs, improve quality, and deliver projects faster.

Last but not least, to increase design efficiency and make the building process more efficient and less time consuming. We have integrated BIM modeling services into every design project we undertake. Exceed cost targets without compromising project quality.

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