January 27, 2023
Refrigerator Repair Service

Refrigerator breakdowns: the main causes and their solutions. After reviewing the various problems that your appliance may encounter, we are now going to look at the various parts of the refrigerator , which, once defective, can affect its proper functioning. To avoid these kinds of problems you can hire a Refrigerator Repair Service expert in UAE.

The formation of frost prevents the door of your fridge from closing hermetically.

Does your refrigerator produce ice and freeze all your foodstuffs? Above all, make sure that your provisions do not touch the back wall. Does your door close completely? Otherwise, check that nothing is obstructing its closing. Take the opportunity to check the door seal, because it is he who ensures the seal. The rubber seal will be automatically called into question, but you should know that it is not the only responsible. Indeed, there are other reasons. An incorrectly adjusted thermostat can cause frost to form. Adjust the temperature until you reach an ideal level. If your appliance is not equipped with a ventilated cold with automatic defrosting, it will have to defrosted manually from time to time. This is essential if you want to prolong the life of your device because the ice buildup will lead to overconsumption of energy. You can consult with a Refrigerator Repair Service expert in UAE.

The temperature control thermostat is incorrectly set or faulty

A well-adjusted refrigerator temperature will preserve your food better and longer and preserve all of its nutrients. The ideal temperature will differ depending on the model of refrigerator you have. For a ventilated, stirred or static cold fridge, it is between 1°C at the top and 4°C at the bottom. If, on the other hand, the temperature displayed is too low than that recommended by the manufacturer, your fridge consumes more energy and your foodstuffs end up freezing and no longer edible.

How to check the thermostat of your refrigerator?

Would you like to check the status of the thermostat to ensure that it is functional? Here’s the procedure to follow :

1- The first thing you need to do is make sure you have enough space to disassemble your device.

2- Then dismantle it and locate the location of the thermostat.

3- Remove the thermostat knob and nut using pliers.

4- Remove the thermostat housing, if necessary take a picture of the circuit.

5- Disconnect the cables and gently release the thermostat to avoid damaging the sensor

6- With your multimeter in “continuity tester” mode, place each terminal on the poles of the thermostat connectors. Do you hear a noise? Good news, your thermostat is in perfect working order. The multimeter does not emit any signal. This indicates that it is worn out. It will have to replaced by an identical reference.

The fan no longer spins and no longer makes noise.

Is your fridge fan not working? Are you sure because you can’t hear it running anymore? You should know that not all fridges are equipped with a fan, and that depending on their location, they will not provide the same function.

  • When it is placed on the compressor or on the capacitor, it will responsible for cooling them.
  • When it is inside the device, its mission will to diffuse the air.
  • When the fan is inside the refrigerator follow the steps below:
  • Unhook the fan housing and disconnect the connectors.

Check the part using your multimeter following the same procedure mentioned above. The result is different from 0, the fan is out of order. Otherwise, it will have to replaced with an equivalent model.
The door switch no longer works and no longer produces light.

Refrigerator Doors

All refrigerator doors are equipped with a switch. He is responsible for lighting the refrigerator, which is connected to the device for opening and closing the door. But its role does not stop there since it also acts on cooling, which it pauses when you open your fridge. Does your fridge light not turn on when you open it? Have you checked whether the lamp needs to changed? If the problem persists, check the switch by proceeding as follows:

Take a screwdriver to extract the switch from its location
Disconnect all its connections
With a multimeter in “continuity tester” mode, place each of the wires on those of the switch. Does the multimeter make a sound? There is continuity, the switch is still functional. You don’t hear any noise? Your switch must replaced with a new and identical model.

Why is the refrigerator no longer cold when the freezer is functional?

Several reasons can the origin of a refrigerator that does not cool anymore. We will list them below.

A faulty compressor

As its name suggests, the compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant fluid to make it enter the evaporator and the coils of the condenser. When the compressor valves are damaged or the oil vapors rise to the refrigerant and condense, the refrigerant will have great difficulty circulating normally. This malfunction leads to the formation of frost or the total shutdown of the device. You will have no choice but to change the worn part by calling on the services of a professional repairer.

Refrigerant gas missing, leaking, or not flowing properly

Sometimes engine oil can seep into your refrigerator’s cooling system and form a clog. This greasy residue that obstructs the circuit will prevent the refrigerant from circulating normally. Result: the formation of frost will hinder the proper functioning of your household appliances. The refrigerator will no longer produce freshness because all the cold will concentrate in the “ freezer ” part.
In this article, we have tried to go through all the causes that can cause your fridge to break down providing solutions to remedy them. If despite our tutorial the problem persists, we advise you to consult the instructions for the device and call a professional Refrigerator Repair Service expert.

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