February 4, 2023

Psychiatrists evaluate and diagnose mental health problems and provide medication and medical care. Some psychiatrists also do talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, although this type of treatment is usually referred to licensed psychotherapists. Psychiatrists may also offer biofeedback therapy, electroshock and other types of therapy. Psychiatrists in Lahore  work in a variety of settings.

Types of psychiatrists

In addition to general psychiatric training and continuing education courses, psychiatrists have various specializations. Further study, clinical periods and specialized training are required to work in certain areas of psychiatry.

Child and adolescent psychiatrists 

Child and adolescent psychiatrists are trained to treat young patients up to the age of 18. Young patients need developmentally appropriate treatment, especially with regard to medication and medical procedures. If you have a child or young person who needs psychiatric treatment, it is important to see a psychiatrist who has that special training.

Geriatric Psychiatrists

A geriatric best psychiatrist in lahore specializes in treating elderly patients. Elderly patients have special needs and there are specific neurological conditions, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, that are treated by psychiatrists. These conditions can be combined with other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, so it is important for elderly patients to be seen by a geriatric psychiatrist who can treat these mental disorders along with other illnesses.

Psychiatrists specializing in addiction 

Addiction psychiatrists treat addictive disorders. Patients with drug or alcohol problems may have psychological problems such as depression or trauma. Addiction psychiatrists are specially trained to treat addictive disorders and related conditions. They can identify the cause of addiction and diagnose pre-existing mental disorders. They can also prescribe medication to treat withdrawal symptoms and underlying mental disorders.

Forensic Psychiatrist

 Forensic psychiatrists specialize in the study of mental disorders related to criminal behavior. Forensic psychiatrists often interact with the criminal justice system. For example, their expertise may be used to determine whether a prisoner can stand trial or should be committed.


Neuropsychiatrists are experienced psychiatrists who deal with brain disorders, neurological disorders, and mental disorders related to neurological problems. These psychiatrists have specialized knowledge of the brain and how neurological problems can affect mental health. People who have suffered a brain injury or have a mental disorder caused by a serious illness should be seen by one of these highly specialized psychiatrists.

Organizational psychiatrists

 Organizational psychiatrists are psychiatrists who specialize in workplace and organizational behavior. These psychiatrists can help companies develop policies and procedures to promote the mental health of their employees. They can also be used to develop and retain organizational leaders.

Nurse practitioners 

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have received extensive and continuing education to practice psychiatry under the supervision of a physician, writing prescriptions and supervising the medical treatment of patients.


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