January 27, 2023
Creative Writing

Do you have the quality to express yourself?

If you can express yourself, you have a great writing career. Creative writing is one of the ways through which you can have some good job opportunities. There are millions of people that have some great opportunities. 

According to an observation, the content writing industry is around 412.88 billion dollars. More importantly, the industry is expected to grow to around 16% by the end of 2022. The markets are expected to strengthen further on with the unlocking of the pandemic. 

Therefore, you have a great chance of making the most out of here. There are different types of creative writing that you can select to hone your writing skills. The article is all about the different types of creative writing.

Different Types Of Writing With Creativity 

There are different types of writing ways through which you can hone your creative writing skills. Let us know the different types of creative writing that you can master to earn your living. 

1. Blogging 

Blogging is a publishing platform. Blogging is actually a technology that displays the content to other readers. There are two kinds of blogs. First is the factual blogs, where you give descriptions of some technicalities. 

There is no creativity involved in it. But the storytelling blogs share opinions. This is where you have quite an opportunity to talk and discuss with people. You can run your own blog to connect with your customer. 

But at the same time, you can work for some other entity and work as a guest blogger. This is one job where you can showcase your ideas and earn a lucrative income. In addition, various journalists and celebrities run their own blogs. 

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2. Journals

Journals are a bit like diary writing, where you get to know different things. So a journal takes the role of a memoir, where one writes down events on different subjects. But they are a bit more precise compared to that diary writing. 

There are different types of journals like drama journals, prayer journals, gratitude journals, and science journals. The scientific journals are putting down facts, and there you don’t really have much for creative writing. But at the same time the regular journal, you have quite an opportunity for creative writing. 

3. Limericks/Poetry/And songs 

Poetry is one of the oldest genres that evolved in human civilization. Poetries are of different kinds and forms. Writing poetries is associated with creative writing. 

On the other hand, Limerick is a funny, sarcastic way of portraying some events. It can also be a little rude at times. Making taglines is one of the ways through which you can have a good opportunity to make money. 

There are great examples of taglines; take, for example, Nike, Just Do it. Ad songs also require quite a lot of creative writing. Advertisement is a million-dollar industry, and you have quite a good opportunity to be a part of the creative unit. 

4. Letters

Letter writing is one of the most creative ways of writing. Remember, writing is not really related directly to telling stories. Even today, different types of communication within the office are done through letter writing. 

Maybe you are mostly trying to write down creative writing as emails. But, whatever you are doing, you need to have knowledge of creative writing, that’s for sure.

5. Essay Writing

Essay writing requires creativity. There are different kinds of essay writing- personal essays and creative essays. In academics, you need to take a pathway to write your assignment. If your presentation and flow of language are not good enough, you might falter completely. 

In commercial writing, like product descriptions or product reviews, you can use creative writing so that the readers read it. However, when writing a blog, you follow the essay writing pattern. This is because many essays are written in blogs. 

6. Speeches

Speech writing is different from all other writing. Speech writing requires a lot of creativity. The leaders write speeches to address the audience. Therefore, the writer needs to know the art to arrest the attention of the audience. 

Though the delivery of the leader plays an important part in developing the speeches, the key to success lies in the content and the presentation style. To be a professional speech writer, you need to understand the temperament of the individual for whom you write the speeches.

You might have also heard that the internet is filled with motivational speakers. Do you know some people prepare their speeches? Motivation speaking has gone on to become an industry. You can write content for the motivators if you have the intensity and emotions in your delivery. 

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7. Story Telling

This is one of the genres which requires some extensive creative writing. Remember, it can be both fiction and nonfiction. 

There are popular forms of storytelling, including novels, autobiographies, biographies, and management books. What you need is to have a creative instinct in your writing. Even autobiographies require extensive creative writing so that you can present the facts of a person’s life.

8. Reporting

Reporting is a great way to improve your creativity. Reporting can be done many times. But the most common are print media and electronic media reporting. Even news readers read content, and this requires quite some creative writing. 

Writing headlines in the news and TV news requires some creativity. For example, a copywriter writes engaging headlines. With this, it wants to win the attention of the people. Therefore you can be in the journalism field to write with creativity.

Wrapping Up The Discussion 

Creative writing is an interesting subject, and you have a good opportunity to earn. There are job opportunities for creative writers. In addition, different industries search for creative writers in their respective fields. Therefore, if you can write with emotion and intent, you can earn a decent living with your skills.

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