June 8, 2023
Instagram Stories

How can you download Instagram stories? They are so beautiful and catchy. Do you want to know the best free platforms for Instagram stories download? You are at the right pace. Here you will get the Instagram stories to download free platform. 

This is a very simple process, you don’t need to know rocket science to download Instagram stories. Just copy the link of the post or video and paste the link on the platform to download them. 

What do you think—let’s jump into the list of free platforms to download Instagram stories. 

Free Platform To Download Instagram Stories

Here, we mentioned the free platform that is designed to download Instagram posts and Insta video save for example instalkr. So, let’s check it out. 

1. Story Saver

This name refers to the platform which allows you to save Instagram posts and stories. This platform is similar with saveig platform. 

  • You don’t need to log in into this app to access it. First, download this app. 
  • To start the download process, provide the link to the program’s materials. 
  • The Original Instagram posts or savings will be downloaded. 
  • Material can upload to open user profiles. 
  • Plus, this platform allows you to download events that can be available in the future on social media platforms. 

There are so many features that you will get. This application is super. 

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2. Fast Save

The study stated that Fast Save is the most used platform worldwide to download Instagram videos. If you are an android set, it can be the best option. 

  • Keep in mind that you should create a hidden folder in Fast Save if you wish to maintain your privacy. No one can get the images or get to know about your private time. 
  • 10 million users have already installed this platform. It has been seen that it has very positive feedback. 
  • The best thing about the interface of this application, it looks like Instagram. 
  • Fast Save provides a dashboard to manage all the download files. 
  • Plus, you will get the option to build a beautiful presentation. 
  • This application is available on Google Play Store.

3. Story Saver For Instagram

Don’t think that Story Saver and Story Saver for Instagram are the same. Both are different applications. From this application, you can download IGTV content and Instagram too. It is considered one of the best Instagram video download apps after instavideosave among users. 

  • You can use this application for downloading images, videos, posts, or videos. They can easily download from the social media platform to your phone gallery. 
  • It allows you to share downloaded images with others. 
  • All the files are nicely organized in your galley. 
  • It allows you to download IGTV videos. 

Now, you may understand why people say it is the best platform.

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4. Regrann

Similarly with storiesdown, this application also helps you to download Instagram videos and images. It is easy to download from the Play Store.

  •  Through this application, you can download the images and store them in your personal gallery. 
  • You can easily find the download files. 
  • The best thing is, the platform has different editing features that allow you to add your signature or do anything you want to make the picture more catchy. 

5. 4kdownload

This is the last application that we have included here. However, it does not mean that in the online market, only five applications are available. You can get a lot 

Of platforms. But the question is 

Which is the best platform to download Instagram posts? According to our research, these five are the top of them. That is why we only select these five and want to share them with you guys. 

  •  You can download TikTok videos, Instagram videos, and YouTube videos. 
  • It is great not for saving Instagram stories but for the infrastructure of the platform.
  • If you think about how you can access this platform. Don’t worry, this is the easiest application. 
  • It has additional features that members can access. If you wish to get a membership, then you can pay for that. 
  • This platform can help your social media marketing too. 
  • You can start to use this platform for free. 
  • Most importantly, this platform is available on your PC. 
  • It has a variety of formats that can help you to reach your target. 

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Final Words

These are the best platforms that most Instagram users have been using for many days to download posts for Instagram stories. Now, 

Now, You may think that it is such an easy process. Yes, it is quite easy what we think. So, why are you waiting? Type the application name and download it on your smartphone. Don’t forget to tell us which platform you will download. 

We would like to see the audience vote. Which platform gets the most votes from our readers, will be mentioned in the comment box after a certain time. So, let’s see.

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