May 30, 2023
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Gwadar people was surrounded on the pretext of security and on behalf of the safe city of Gwadar.

Gwadar people surrounded on the pretext of security and on behalf of the safe city of Gwadar. before we ask the politicians economist or planners. what they say about the city siege to protect Chinese investment Citizens of Gwadar. must hear this first. including Ormara Giwani and Pichugan gathered under the banner of the Pakistan. Democratic Movement (PDM) in Gwadar to protest against Gwadar’s barbed wire fence.

Basic human rights

Gwadar People remember the time when General Musharraf visited Gwadar in 2005. and promised that anyone living in Gwadar. would see their lives changed for the better by building the port. Gwadar in the future today they see a fence. that will divide the population of Gwadar. and limit the free movement of people in the name of development. He said they cheated in the name of development. and that the basic human rights of free movement were being violated. One of the speakers said they agreed with the government on everything for a better future. But they disagreed with the fence.

People to develop the free zone

Local neighbor Kohane Mulla Bandh moved to provide land for the port. And the people agreed. Gordani and Darbela land for Gwadar airport sold. to government at very cheap price and Gwadar people said nothing. Even another piece of Docedur Mohalla taken from the people to develop the free zone and give it to the people. But now they are demanding too much. to want to put a fence separating them and their relatives, which is unacceptable.

Checkpoints before entering the city

The fence seen as an attack on local relations. . One participant asked if the treacherous dust dwellers. It had to whisper from one fence to the other. Another asked if we needed a certificate of objection to visit our relatives living in Gwadar. A Jiwani resident said that coming from Jiwani to Gwadar. would be subject to six checkpoints before entering the city. Isn’t it enough that you now need a fence Finally, PDM at Gwadar. Grand People’s Jirga participants asked. wondering if the development of Gwadar is not for business and investment?

Restricted public access

Jirga of the Gwadar people concluded with the following consensus: The citizens of Gwadar reject Gwadar’s barbed wire. Federal island laws are unacceptable. Restoration of the Sweat Fish Port. and why do you need surrounded the city and restricted public access to the market. These were the real questions of the local population of Gwadar and needed to answered.

Provide jobs

The Gwadar People will reject the park at Mulla Fazul Chowk. if the government does not provide jobs for the Chowk people. and provide taxi drivers with parking spaces. The area of Ormara, surrounded by the navy, was also unacceptable. Cautious China on Tuesday tried to reject reports of mass protests against the CPEC project in Pakistan’s port city of Gwadar. saying it had not targeted a multibillion-dollar initiative that employs hundreds of workers. amid growing concerns about the safety of Chinese workers in neighboring countries.

Publicly Organizers

According to a report published Monday by Pakistani newspaper Dawn. hundreds of children have joined the ongoing protests in Gwadar. which enters the 18th on Sunday. Protesters have threatened to withdraw. the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) if demands are not met. This includes a week-long ban on illegal wheelchairs in Gwadar. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning told reporters the report was false. Organizers have publicly stated that the protests are not aimed at the Chinese side or CPEC.

Elimination of unnecessary checkpoints

The Dawn newspaper added. that protesting children reached Gwadar from Tarbat, Pasani and other areas. of Gwadar and walk along the road holding banners and signs. They held signs against the government. and related officials who failed to comply with government agreements. among other issues including a ban on illegal trawling. and the elimination of unnecessary checkpoints in Gwadar. Villagers have been protesting the 60 million CPEC project for months.

Protectorate the port

Last year, the newspaper Dawn, in a loathsome editorial. said that the port of Gwadar had long been the jewel in the CPEC crown, but in the process. The city became a protectorate and the government had to protect the port. by focusing on minority interests without considering the welfare of the local people. but the contrary The current privatization has become deeper. People’s movements restricted by security forces. And their actions questioned for no reason. Some said they felt like strangers in the harbor, ”said the landowner himself.

Fishermen issuing permits

Local fishermen also complain. that the Pakistani government squeezes their lives by issuing permits. to Chinese trawlers to fish in waters off the coast of Baluchistan. Gwadar is important to the CPEC as it marks the end of the controversial project against China. as it is being transported through Pakistan’s Kashmir (PoK). CPEC connects Gwadar on the Arabian Sea coast near Iran. with the Chinese province of Xinjiang. The project gives China access to the Arabian Sea via the Karakoram Highway. Pakistan has handed over the development of Gwadar port. to China, raising concerns that it could become a long-term naval base for China.

Provided to protect

Mao defends Chinese projects in Pakistan Mao said Gwadar port is an important port for CPEC. China adheres to the principle of respecting each other and valuing people’s lives. There was consensus and consultation in the process. They say that there are Chinese projects in every zone. China has helped build primary schools. The schools, hospitals and trained solar panels donated by China. make Gwadar people’s lives better Mao also declined to comment on reports. that bulletproof vehicles would provided to protect hundreds of Chinese nationals working. on the CPEC project in Pakistan.

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